Seeds of Greatness

I had the amazing opportunity to see Joyce Meyer in Winston-Salem, NC this past weekend.  If you are unfamiliar with the name, Joyce Meyer is a speaker/writer/minister of the truth of Jesus.  I would recommend any of her books or teaching CD’s as she is one of the most “real” people I have ever listened to.  She shared the story of her childhood abuse at one of the meetings this past weekend.  It is well-known that she was sexually abused by her father but she shared her story in detail Sat morning so it could be recorded and will be used to help many hurting people.  In short, her father raped her a minimum of 200 times during her childhood and adolescence.  She tells of her very dysfunctional personality and how hard she was to live with because of the abuse.  She choked up with tears as she finished proclaiming that if God could lift her out of that pit, heal her personality and do what He has done through her life….there is hope for all of us and He is real!  If you are curious about her check out her website

I have not had to deal with sexual abuse in my life but I believe as she shared everyone was encouraged in whatever path they found themself on.  One of the things Joyce said that pricked my heart was that every one has the seed of greatness in them but the devil always wants to diminish us as people so that greatness is not realized.  If you have been diminished through the words, attitudes, actions and choices of others don’t let it steal or stomp out the greatness God created in you.  I can relate to feeling diminished as a person…it’s almost like you feel lost in a blur of who you thought you were.  Words are powerful.  The Bible says the power of life and death is in the tongue.  Words build us up or they tear us down.  Unkind words can chip away at you until you find yourself a shell of who you hoped to be.  The shout out loud, life changing part is that God’s Word can heal you and restore you.  As God restores you it will change the dynamics of the relationships around you.  Every relationship is the sum of its’ parts.  If you heal and change and grow then you affect the other person sometimes without them realizing it!  Jesus is a life-giver.  He is a builder of dreams and marriages and lives.  If you feel you have been diminished, lost yourself, to a person or circumstance I want you to know that I know how that feels.  And I know that Jesus wants to build you up, step by step, until you believe again that the seed of greatness in you still exists.  As you believe that and surrender to the amazing love of your Creator that seed will grow and His greatness will not only change your life but it will touch the lives around you.  A day will come when you look at your life in amazement of what God can do….always so much more and so much better than we can dream.


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