Easter Power

Clear blue sky
Sun shining down
Remnants of Winter
New life all around
Finally, Spring has come into view
Sweet reminder…He makes all things new

Tear streaked face
Disappointment and despair
Empty rooms; broken lives
In need of much repair
Hear Jesus whisper softly to your heart
“I am the God of second chances and a brand new start”

Month after month
Apart at the seams
Empty arms; empty crib
A couple’s lost dream
Be filled with joy; see the results in your hand
The God of all Hope has a purpose and a plan

Racked with pain
So much life left to live
Test results echo
Nothing left to give
See His body bruised and beaten; blood pouring down
Be soaked in the Healing Rain of Calvary falling down

Abandoned and Rejected
Never safe or loved
Fending for yourself
Just can’t rise above
Yet through the haze see Jesus standing at the door
“You are not forgotten but made for so much more”

In all these things we are made
To conquer and rise above
There is no power greater
Than His Resurrection Love
No matter how long and cold the winter of your loss
There is new life to be found at the foot of the cross

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