Rewriting Your Story

Psalm 18:24 (the message)
God rewrote the text of my life
when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes.

Psalm 13: 5-6 (the message)
I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms–
I’m celebrating your rescue.
I’m singing at the top of my lungs,
I’m so full of answered prayers.

I have always loved the Psalms because they show me how God’s people would pour out their heart to Him…the anger, questions, pain and delight.  They did not hold back!  I think that kind of honesty with God develops a genuine relationship with Him.

As I read the verses above this morning tears streamed down my face.  Sometimes, when you read the Bible (if you find a version you can understand), there will be times you read a scripture and you so relate to it that it moves you.  Many times it may be you are in a painful place and find comfort in God’s promises.  Today, for me, reading a scripture that says God rewrote the text of my life could not have better described how I feel!  See, the Bible was not written so we could admire it as a “holy” book and it never impact or affect us.  God inspired the words of the Bible for every moment of life…to challenge us, comfort us, inspire us, convict us, free us…that is the story of Jesus…freedom.  If you look at your life and the road you are on and think, well it’s too late for me…I made my choices so I forfeited God’s best plan for my life then I want you to know without a moment’s doubt He can in fact “rewrite the text” of your life.  I know what it’s like to think well, whatever I was supposed to be or do with my life I guess I’ll never know.  I grew up in church.  I was “saved” as a child and I had been taught God had a plan for me.  But there came a time when I just got tired of waiting and took my own path.  I knew what I was doing…I knew I was striking out on my own.  I made life choices that set me on a certain path as an adult without ever consulting God.  For years I thought ‘I guess I’ll never be the person God made me to be.  I’ll do my best with what I chose for myself.’

Here is what I want to share…when you give your heart to Jesus He can change you, your marriage, your career, the very desires of your heart.  The Bible says if you delight yourself in the Lord He will give you the desires of your heart.  I used to think that meant God would give me what I wanted!  I really had no idea what “delighting” in God meant but the giving me the desires of my heart part sounded good!  I am learning that taking delight in God happens as I choose to obey Him and then I feel more of His presence in my life…I see Him at work in truly amazing ways in my life…the grattutude I feel towards Him spills out in worship.  I could be divorced…having lost out on my wonderful man and in the painful grip of sharing my little girls.  I could work in a career that is honorable and wonderful, but not meant for me, for the rest of my life.  I could hide and bury this burning desire on the inside to write about this Great Love in my life…leave it in the private files on my computer or on pages in a notebook.  I could live with the tangles of “what if” choking the joy out of my life…and I would have done all of these things.  Except for Jesus.  As I grew desperate for stability I became willing to let Him take a hold of my heart and because I long for peace I strive to submit in obedience to Jesus…never perfectly…but each time I allow Him to humble me and respond to His voice I see Him do amazing things.  Jesus did not die on a cross and come back from death so you could have one shot at getting it right.  He defeated death and the chokehold of sin so you can have as many chances, through forgiveness and grace, as you need!  No matter how old you are…how “set” you are in your lifestyle.  No matter how you grew up and what traditions you were taught.  No matter if you’ve never had a real conversation with God in your life.  No matter what sin and shame still echoes in the corridors of your soul.  No matter if it doesn’t really even make sense to your intellect.  None of this compares to the immeasurable, life-changing power in surrender to God.  He is the author of life…so He can certainly rewrite the text of yours if you let Him.  It isn’t easy…it’s scary at first.  But as you press on, as you take the steps, He will meet up with you and walk with you every day.  That is how you get to know Him.  I am so overwhelmed with all He has done in my life…I am so amazed…and I know He wants to do the same for every pair of eyes that ever reads anything on this little blog and so I write.  That’s where the second verse comes in.  I finally just threw myself into His arms…and He rescued me.  As I read that this morning I had to smile because I have a post called “My Rescue.”  That is just how it feels when you are stuck in your own personality!!  When you are consumed with what you need and how you are being treated and what is and isn’t fair…it’s misery!  So, as the second verse says, I am singing at the top of my lungs…except for me I am typing!  I am “so full of answered prayers.”

I am amazed at how true the Bible is!!  “God loves us” is more than a well-worn Sunday school lesson.  He really, really loves us.  No matter where you are in your life, He can begin to reshape and rewrite your story…right where you are!  He can work it out…He can fill you up with answered prayer.  Your part is throwing yourself headlong into His embrace.  Take a step…whatever He shows you…there is healing for your weary, worn out soul in His embrace.  He won’t give you a perfect, problem free life but He will touch you in ways that change your focus.  And as you focus on Him your story can be rewritten.

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