Here With Me

My mind cannot comprehend
The vastness of creation
The panorama of all I see
Oceans’ depth; rivers’ bend
Evidence you are here with me

Mountains so tall to climb
Dark clouds looming overhead
End of my rope; running out of time
Life is a storm; hope all but dead
Still, you are here with me

My broken heart mended
No more sin and shame
Shattered plans recover
And I’ll never be the same
All because you are here with me

Heaven, Hell
Yes, No
Laughing, Weeping
Stay, Go
Valley deep, Mountain high
Nothing, Nothing, Nothing
Separates us from the love of God

Deep scars
Deep pits
Deep fears
Deep regrets
Sweet child, you cannot sink so low
Your Creator-God will not gladly go
He took on death for a way to your heart
Love and Mercy for a brand new start


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