In the depths of despair
Losing all that I have known
Struggling to trust You
My life is not my own

Dazed and confused
I cannot comprehend
How could you let this happen
I cannot understand

All that I dreamed of
Shattered right before my eyes
Choking on the pain
I just can’t say good-bye

Oh, Father, how can I let go
If you don’t hold fast to me
Every moment filled
With a future I can’t see

Still, I feel Your peace
As you let me cry the tears
I know you bear my burden
My sustainer through the years

I cannot live and breathe
And make it through this pain
Except the blood of Jesus
Makes even loss a gain

For it’s in your awesome presence
My child will rest and grow
No more broken body
Finally free in mind and soul

As you take him in your arms
As he looks up into your eyes
Please whisper to him softly
Of a mother’s love that never dies
I could not survive this heartbreak
I could not possibly move on
If not for Your promise to me
That Heaven is my home…


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