The King is Wild for Us

Psalm 45:10-11 (the message)
Now listen, daughter, don’t miss a word:
   forget your country, put your home behind you.
Be here–the king is wild for you.
   Since he’s your lord, adore him.

As I was reading in the Psalms earlier today I found myself stuck on these verses.  I couldn’t get past them.  I knew the Lord was answering my prayer as I needed Him to speak to me this morning.  “Forget your country….put your home behind you.”  What deficits or disappointments from our childhood or past linger in our lives?  As we grow into adulthood we look at childhood as “part 1” of life but I sense that we are just grown-ups carrying around the hurt and confusion of the little person we once were.  As I grow in this everyday friendship with Jesus, I give Him my full permission to challenge me and change me…to “uproot” anything in me that holds me back from knowing Him.  Thankfully, He gives me a break from this process but then I find myself unsettled inside and eventually He shows me, through various people or situations, things deep in my soul that I need to let Him deal with…things I thought for sure were water under the proverbial bridge.  If our hearts are open to it, He draws to the surface of our lives the hidden hurts and anger that clog up our minds and hearts so He can remove them.  Truth makes us free.

Be here–the king is wild for you.  Since he’s your lord, adore him.

In my heart I feel like the verse above is the plea of a lovesick savior…Jesus, with a longing in His voice, asking us to be here, with Me, not stuck in the past.  See the past, let Him expose whatever it chokes from your today, and then settle into Him.  “The king is wild for you.”  I will have to meditate on this because really, it just doesn’t “compute” for me.  The king…Jesus…is wild for me.  Wild…a picture in my mind’s eye of a young man so over the moon for a young girl that he casts aside his ego and pride to catch her…he will do whatever it takes to win her.  How do we find a way to let this sink in…King Jesus is over the moon for us…He chose to go the distance…to put aside His rights as deity…whatever it took to win us…His life.  I told the Lord this morning how hard it is to accept because I don’t see why He would be wild about me.  And yet, deep inside it’s the most basic yearning of my heart and soul…to live in the safety and security of a love so deep and true.  A love that makes it safe enough to adore the lover in return.  A love that won’t hurt.

Jesus is wild for me.  Jesus is wild for you.  Perhaps it will take my whole life for that to sink in…to really believe it…so often our examples of what should be unconditional love are poor and really we have no real frame of reference for this kind of love.  Yet there it is…in the pinks and oranges of a brilliant sunset….the sweet smell of honeysuckle in spring…the “I can almost touch it” of a full harvest moon…the starkness of a winter snow…the vastness of the ocean as we stand on the shore…the lifting of our burden as we cry tears of repentance…the sigh of relief in our second chance…the hope for tomorrow in the promise of a God that has always been.

All because the King is wild for us.


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