Ragged Pieces

How easily I drift into a place
Where the glory is mine
How easily my eyes shift focus
And I find myself wanting credit
For all that you are in me

How easily I see all that I give
Against the lack in others
How easily I become distracted
By goals and purpose and personal growth
All the while forgetting the forgotten ones

How easily I judge and compare
Indulging myself in approval and recognition
How easily I find the answers
To everyone else’s issues
Attempting to tell their truth while blind to my lies

How easily I hide my true heart
Sour motives cloaked in the right words
How easily I drift into playing the part
Knowing deep inside my discontent is building
Eventually on my knees in surrender: What is this in me, God?

How easily I can hear Him
When I am finally ready to listen
Shatter the mountain, Lord
I need to be in Your presence
At last I see it begin to crumble
The first ragged pieces of my pride


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