John & Jen

“Dreams Take Flight”

Rocking heart and soul
In my arms tonight
Slow and steady
Sweet and strong
Future looks so bright

Newborn baby eyes
Taking in the sights
Mommy, Daddy
Great big world
All for your delight

Early morning hours
Can’t believe you’re here
Watch you breathe
Watch you sleep
Always keep you near

Journey of a lifetime
Burden made light
Fervent Prayers
Longing fulfilled
Our dreams taking flight

Listen now, little one
As I whisper in your ear
There is a God in Heaven
The One who brought you here

He knows your name
He built your frame
You were designed in Love
Each step of Faith
Each breath of Hope
Answered with …A Son

Now for all our days
We’ll give Him praise
For in an instant
Our hearts you stole
Life changed forever
For the better
When we finally met our Cole


2 thoughts on “John & Jen

  1. So i’m in tears at my desk reading this. What an awesome way to capture how John and Jen must be feeling right now!


  2. Two and a half years later and that sweet little smile still takes my breath away. Instead of holding him in my lap I watch him run around like a wild man while I hold his little brother. Amazing how different life can be in just a few years. Our family is a perfect example of how God’s timing is perfect.


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