The earth has crumbled beneath my feet
Shifting sand, rushing waves
How can I move forward?

Black clouds hanging low
I can’t see the sun
I search for a rainbow
But I only see the storm

Hurricane winds blowing around me
Tossing me, turning me
I can’t catch my breath

My heart is broken
Shattered, a million little pieces
My dreams bleed out
And there is nothing I can do

I can’t control it
I can’t stop it
I can’t understand it
I never wanted it

And yet…I could never know this Supernatural Peace except in the storm

Earth now solid beneath my feet
Sunlight warm on my face
Gentle breeze soothes my heart
My shattered dreams recover

Storms blow in
Storms blow out
And Oh how we know Him
Trust in Him
Realizing that when everything else falls apart
Jesus keeps us together


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