Lighten Up

This afternoon as I pulled out of carpool lane my 1st grader asked “Mom, can we go get some ice cream from Dairy Queen?”  At the mere mention of ice cream my 3-year-old chimed in with ardent agreement!  I asked them to just give me a minute to think.  I am learning that sometimes the answer needs to be an unexpected yes…but it goes against what feels convenient to my mommy schedule for the afternoon so I have to give myself a minute (not too many minutes…we are talking ice cream!).

As we are on our way home, kiddie-size vanilla cones in hand, I realize how weighted down I feel.  It’s Autumn…my favorite season…weather cooling down, leaves are falling, holidays coming…it’s the best and normally brings a sense of excitement and joy to my heart, but I’m not feeling it yet.  I realize as I’m driving down the highway that I need to lighten up.  I’m saying that I sense in my heart of hearts: Lighten up!  You may have unanswered questions…you may be in a season that is stretching you…but you are still meant to enjoy your life. 

I was born in 76.  That makes Michael Jackson a part of my childhood.  And yes, there are some songs from MJ and The Jackson 5 on my best-invention-ever iPod.  So, as I drove my happy girls home with ice cream in hand, I switched from the awesome podcast message by Judah Smith from The City Church (check him out on iTunes) and we sang along with The Jackson 5…twice.

What is the point?  Nothing terribly profound, just that God wants us to enjoy our lives even in the times that are tinged with pressure and unanswered questions.  Actually, that is kind of profound because it’s easy to enjoy life when things are all mapped out and going according to our plan.  It’s when we don’t know the way forward that we learn to trust God so much more…it’s when in the midst of circumstances that don’t produce “good” feelings we learn to turn it over to God and enjoy life anyway…to realize most of the weight and pressure we are feeling comes because we still hold onto the idea there is something we can do to fix things or hurry the process along.  Such a hard lesson sometimes.  Living as a sincere Christ-follower: yielding in obedience and trusting the outcomes and timing to God.  See, sometimes we think the harder we work at yielding the faster the hard season will pass.  At least I have!  Wow…I think He wants me to know that however long the season lasts, enjoying my life because of Who He is in my life is the greatest treasure I could find. 

I love worship music and good preaching…it has made all the difference in my life.  Sometimes, though, you have to take a few minutes to sing along with the oldies…and lighten up.


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