All That Matters

Black night gives way
To a silver morning sky
A new day dawns
On this my ordinary life

As my heart considers
Just how far we’ve come
My soul cries out in wonder
“Jesus, look what you have done!”

There is no darkness in life
That can overcome the Son
When our lives finally are washed
In the flood of His amazing love

On my knees I pray
Overwhelmed with all He gives
Jesus whispers to me softly
This is the life I meant for you to live

It’s not the goal or the comfort
It’s not the execution of a plan
But a consuming fire and hunger
For the nearness of this God-Man

I could not have seen it coming
I was only trying to maintain
Creator shocked me with His grace
A love I can’t explain

As the clarity of morning
Now comes into view
I long with all my heart
To really be with You

All I ever hoped for
All I ever needed
The life and love I dreamed of
Overwhelmed me as I conceded

There is no lasting joy
No healing from the pain
No destiny recovered
Without calling on His name

In my pursuit for peace
In my laid bare need for Love
I discovered this of life
There is no one like the Lord

Jesus is a healer, a builder
An architect of sorts
He draws up perfect plans
And rebuilds where we fall short
There is no dream so lost
No heart so completely shattered
He can’t find you, reach you, heal you
And show you all that matters


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