Amazing Grace

Today at church, at the end of service, we sang Amazing Grace.  Sounds proverbial but hold on!  My Pastor had just preached an amazing message in a series he’s calling “Reset.”  He talked about having a fresh start with God and how that fresh start is for anyone.  Amazing Grace was quite fitting and as the worship team sang their hearts out I closed my eyes and let the words wash over my heart.

Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…

I once was lost but now I’m found…was blind but now I see…

My chains are gone…I’ve been set free…My God, My Savior has ransomed me…And like a flood, His mercy rains…unending love…Amazing Grace…

I realized something new today about that song.  At least for me.  “I once was blind, but now I see” was a line I always assumed meant I had been blind to my wretchedness but God opened my eyes to see how sinful I was.  Today, however, as I worshipped the Lord I knew it meant something else…I was blind to Grace…I was blind to Love..and now I see!!

We already know what a mess we are, don’t we?  Perhaps we live in a certain amount of denial or confusion but in our depths we know we are sinful.  The beauty of the lyrics above to me is how they reflect the beauty of really knowing Christ.  Like many others, I know the lyrics to Amazing Grace.  But in the last couple of years they have taken on new and profound meaning to me.  When I sing My chains are gone…I’ve been set free…I’m making a personal declaration.  See, my chains are gone!  I am free!  And I know that I’m on  my way to more freedom as I continue to daily live with Jesus.  I feel that I have truly had my blind and confused eyes opened.  I no longer spend my time seeing my imperfections and wretchedness…I see Grace.  And it is grace that is changing my life.  As Jesus heals my heart, my blinded eyes recover and I see Love.  See, you can hear ‘God is Love’ all of your life and still not truly, really and absolutely believe He loves you.  You can sing about Grace and hear about it from the pulpit but then not accept that it’s for you and not just the person sitting beside you. 

My God, My Savior has ransomed me…And like a flood His mercy rains…Unending Love…Amazing Grace.  I believe God wants you to see much more than you were so pitiful He had to ransom you.  The point of the song isn’t our sinful state.  The real point of the song is God’s Grace.  You know why grace is so amazing?  Because there are no strings attached.  It’s completely undeserved, unearned and seems quite ridiculous.  Maybe that is why we have a tough time with Grace.  We really, really think we ought to be working for it, but then that’s not grace…that’s recompense. 

Even today, as my heart longs to put Grace into words, I struggle.  I am only beginning to see it but every glimpse I catch rocks me.  And you know what?  As God moves your heart to do and give and be to others what they don’t deserve you will in your obedience better understand His grace towards you.  God’s grace is what dramatically changes us.  Realizing and receiving this crazy love enables me to accept grace which in turn frees me to really love Him because I’m not earning anymore.  I’m responding. I’m not trying to impress God, perform for Him or better myself to avoid disapproval or consequence.  Once I begin to absorb that Jesus ransomed me…I’m His through and through…then my love-affair with Creator can truly begin.  I am not caught up in an exchange:  my efforts for His acceptance.  No, I am washed away in a current of Grace…undeserved…unearned…Amazing.


One thought on “Amazing Grace

  1. Beautifully said Vanessa! This opened my eyes even more! You have a gift for words and I know I said this before but you really shine for God! I see it all arond you! Much love to you and your family as we kick start this year. You are in my prayers and I know this year is going to be absolutely Amazing and full of Grace!


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