The Fire of Believing

Psalm 12:6 (NIV)
And the words of the Lord are flawless,
Like silver refined in a furnace of clay,
Purified seven times.

Psalm 12:6 (the message)
God’s words are pure words,
Pure silver words refined seven times
In the fires of his word-kiln,
Pure on earth as well as in heaven.

These verses so touch  my heart this week.  As we walk with God, as we read His Word and learn to hear Him speak to us personally, plans and purposes take root and settle in our hearts.  I know my neighbor (who God used to spark the idea for this blog!) will read the following and smile…there is most certainly a season for everything.  Of course I didn’t come up with that!  Ecclesiastes 3:1 declares there is a time for every purpose under Heaven!  But as I walk with the Lord and gain enough years to look back I see the seasons and that yes, indeed, God has a purpose in each one. 

One very important season for me, which seemed to last forever, was one of emotional healing.  Another was one in which God taught me about setting boundaries.  These seasons of my life took years.  As we finally grab ahold of what God intends to do in us our current season comes to a close and He opens the door for the next.  Perhaps He speaks to us through a Pastor, a scripture or in worship…but a seed is planted in our hearts that will lead us into the next season He has for us.  I appreciate the verses above  because they declare God’s Words are pure and flawless, but there is something else that captured my heart this morning…

Not only are God’s Words pure and flawless, they are “refined seven times in the fires of his word-kiln.”  This morning as I read over these verses again, God spoke to my heart that many times the Words (plans, purposes and promises)  He plants in our hearts become pure and flawless as we walk them out through the “fires” of life.    God’s purposes for us, His Word to us, is refined through holding on and trusting Him in the times when His Word doesn’t seem to be true.

Perhaps this morning you relate.  Perhaps God has spoken clearly to your heart His divine purposes for your marriage, your children, your job or career, your talents and dreams.  And maybe as you read a tear trickles down your face because things don’t seem to be turning out the way God said.  Maybe your circumstances seem to be going in the opposite direction from what you expected and what God spoke to your heart!  My dear friend, be encouraged…quiet your heart and hear the whisper of the Lord:  My Words are pure and they are refined in the fires…The very purpose and plan I spoke to your heart is refined in your life as you choose to believe Me and trust that My Words are indeed flawless, no matter what.

I have received much teaching, for which I am very grateful, about Faith and believing God.  But can I just share with you this morning what has changed my life?  I began to really get to know Jesus for myself.  As I grow closer to Him, hear God speak to me and watch Him confirm and perform His Word in my life I find it grows much easier to trust Him…to believe Him.  Yes, even when things look like they are headed in the opposite direction!  Several times in my life I sensed the Lord clearly speak to my heart about a situation and it was the purity of His Word that held me fast in the fires, the long seasons that looked like they would never end.  And each time, as I held on, it strengthened my trust in God’s Word. 

Indeed, God’s Words are pure and flawless.  When He speaks to us through His Word or personally in our hearts, it is often far in advance of the plans, purposes, and promises coming to fruition.  I believe He does this so we have these fire-tested Words to hold onto as we travel through the word-kiln…as our faith is refined…as our lives become more deeply rooted in His love and power…and as we are most certainly being prepared for all that He has spoken.

If you smell like ash this morning, if your eyebrows are singed and you fear you may choke on the smoke as you walk through the fire of believing…I invite you to join me on your knees.  As we humble ourselves to God’s ways and timing for His purposes in our lives we breathe in His presence and another bit of unbelief melts off of our lives.  

We become more as we  hold onto less.


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