All the Broken Pieces

Psalm 22:27-29 (the message)
From the four corners of the earth
people are coming to their senses,
are running back to God.
Long-lost families are falling on their faces before him.
God has taken charge;
from now on he has the last word.

All the power-mongers are before him
All the poor and powerless, too
Along with those who never got it together

I was captured this morning by the last line above!  All those who never got it together worshiping God!  How many of us can relate?  I know I can.  The truth is I never felt like I had it all “together” but what has changed my life is worshiping anyway! 

If you’ll read over this scripture again and take the time to absorb it, I think you’ll find that God is really just interested in your worship.  Long-lost families falling on their faces before Him…how about you?  How about your family?  Would you have to admit as you read this post that your family has long been “lost?”  Perhaps over time or in suffering hurt or offense your family drifted from fellowship with God.  Perhaps the last thing you truly feel worthy to do is worship the Lord.  I would like to encourage you that according to this scripture, God has the last word.  And His word is to come…worship…just as you are. 

You know why I believe God lets us come as we are, why these verses describe the power-mongers, poor, as well as those who just never got it together worshiping?  Because it’s in worship that we are changed.  It’s in God’s presence that your heart is healed and becomes more pliable in His hands.  If you wait until you have it together you will probably never come.  If you or your family has been long-lost to His presence, take your cue from this Psalm.  Let God just open your heart and bring you back to your senses…allow yourself to see what you are missing…and then run back to Him.  Just as you are…run.

He won’t reject you.  He will welcome you with loving arms as you fall before Him.  If you are one of those people whose life is a continuous mess, then I believe in my heart this post is for you.  You are still invited to worship.  Remember, in these verses all are worshiping.  And as you worship, as you let the Love of God wash over your life, you will be changed.  He will speak to your heart and help you to obey what He asks of you.  Jesus will soothe and doctor your wounds as you rest in His presence. 

Take all the broken pieces of your life and let the Healer put you back together.


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