Can’t Imagine

I frequently mention the devotional I use, “Jesus Calling,” by Sarah Young. Oh how I wish I could post the entire devotion for today here on by blog!  However, I do believe that might break copyright law so I would like to share with you the last line from this morning:

“Hold my hand in childlike trust, and the way before you will open up step by step.”

As I read this morning about letting God set the pace, about how God will take the sacrifice of  time you give Him and transform you from the inside out, I knew it to be true.  I have a good life.  And even though I have had my share of pitfalls, I would say that I have been quite blessed all my life.  But nothing has ever touched me, changed me, drawn me like the nearness of Jesus.  There truly is an intimacy with our Creator that can change us from the inside out.  This deep connection with God that comes through our sacrifice of time has far exceeded my  wildest imaginations.  For so much of my life, my relating to God has been an effort at pleasing Him.  I am truly being changed as I accept that He is already pleased with me because of Jesus.  My sacrifice of time in the mornings is no longer really a sacrifice.  Sure, I trade sleep for it…but see something has changed.  I want to be with Him.  I need to be with Him.

Indeed, as we cross the line from our efforts at pleasing God to really slipping our hand into His, the way opens up before us step by step.  As full as my life has been, I can’t imagine the emptiness I would know should I pull back from Him now.  Jesus can change you but love you so completely as He does it.  Jesus can heal your broken heart.  Jesus can mend your soul.  Jesus can fill those gaping holes in your life.  Jesus can set a pace for which in His time all things are possible.  As much as I love to write, I still cannot aptly express to you what He means to me.  I stumbled my way into this absorption and addiction.  I was such a mess as a wife and mother.  I had no idea how to change and felt so discouraged with my failed attempts.  Perhaps it was partly in the recognition of my helplessness that I landed in His arms.  All I know is that with every step forward God has led me into unchartered waters.  So often I say, You know I have never been here before…and with each new step God opens my life a little more to Himself and others.   I live amazed.

You may read this and not really comprehend the possibility of your emptiness.  Like most everyone around us, we run around doing and acquiring and performing and it feels good for a little while.  But there is always another wrung on the ladder to achieve in our hopes to fill that unclaimed space deep in our hearts.  You may be a Christian on your way to Heaven but still grapple with this vague emptiness…this “there must be more” quality of your Christianity.  However desperately I got here…let me just say there is more.  What may at first seem like a real sacrifice of your time will transform your life if you determine in your heart to know God.  And you won’t be disappointed.  The time you give Him will turn out to be your daily dose and cure. 

Do you sense it?  His nail-scarred hand reaching out as you read this post?  Jesus is waiting, full of plans and purpose and healing, for you to slip your hand into His.  There is peace in His nearness.  I can’t imagine life without it.


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