Just Plain Life

This morning the first line of my daily devotional read “I am with you always.”  I read through with an appreciative nod and thankful heart that yes, sure!, Jesus is with me.

Hours later I proceeded, in the midst of overcoming my own sickness, to watch my oldest daughter succumb to the same virus.  As she called out to me “I feel hot” I knew what that meant.  Within minutes we were on the way to the doctor’s office.  If you are a parent you know the urgency of a 4pm fever spike on a Friday afternoon!  Especially when you are concerned it could be the flu!  Thankfully, God had pre-arranged for Rivers to see my favorite Doc today.  She knows my girls, is kind and patient.  I was thankful.

As we left the doc’s (negative for flu!) with a run of the mill respiratory virus, I had that moment where I’m like…Wow.  I have felt rotten all week.  Now Rivers is glassy-eyed and feels rotten.  Leah, my youngest, is as chipper as can be and I just can’t fully meet her enthusiasm.  I had plans for tonight.  I had an important meeting earlier today.  Both were canceled.  Now my sweet girl…okay, I’m sick of this!

Skip ahead to a quick run into the grocery store for a few essentials and as I pull out of the parking lot I see this absolutely beautiful sky.  I know I know.  If you read my blog you might be thinking…enough with the sky already!  But, for me, it’s like Gods showpiece!  Especially when it looks the way it did tonight.  You know what I was reminded of?  That simple statement from this morning…”I am with you always.”  Yes.  Jesus is with me even on days and in weeks when things seem out of control.  When it’s hard to have a great attitude because I just don’t feel good.  When I am concerned and frustrated for my children.  When it’s just plain life.  Jesus is with me.  You know what I did?  I just had to chuckle and make up a song for my short drive home.  (No, I am not sharing the song!)

Sometimes we hear or read the words of Jesus…I am with you…I will never leave nor forsake you…and we agree they must be true.  And many times in the big moments of collapsing marriages or birthing new babies we cling to His presence.  But how about on a day like today?  We are just living life…messy, sick, annoying!  But Jesus is with me!  He gave me a completely amazing sunset to remind me for those few seconds…I am with you.

Even on those just plain life kind of days.


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