A Year Ago…

This afternoon I realized it was exactly one year ago today that I wrote my first post on a blog called Mixed Motives!  I am amazed at the many hours and heart-felt words God has given me to express over these 168 posts!  If you know me, then you know this has been a great journey for me.  If you don’t know me, let me assure you that although writing has always been a part of me, I was very timid and afraid to start writing a blog.  I will always remember my neighbor, Lisa, asking me why I didn’t write a blog like it was the most natural thing in the world.  And another friend, Dana, telling me that worrying so much about other people thinking it was about me was, in fact, making it about me!

The truth is that although I am quite flawed and surely write imperfectly at times, I serve and adore this Jesus who has given me so much to write about.

Father, may every day that I click “new post” on this blog be a day that your Holy Spirit flows through me.  May you be glorified and lifted up.  May others see and hear, through the “realness” of my life, the sweetness in knowing You.  My eyes burn as I consider how You have changed my life…even something as simple and common as writing a blog has been part of Your amazing work in my life.  Me, the people-pleaser turning brave.  Me, the insecure growing stable in You.  Me, the girl with far too much to say learning to let you reign in my life and words.  Me, so preoccupied with my pain now crying tears for the pain of others.  Me, still with so far to go and yet You take me where I am and love me in ways that I could never fully explain.  Except I’ll keep trying…

I love you Jesus.


2 thoughts on “A Year Ago…

  1. I have always believed in you and knew this was in you. You’ve always had a way with words. I came to you to write my wedding poem, I lean on you to put words into what I’m feeling, and trust in you to always know the right prayers to say for me, even when I don’t ask. God is most certainly moving in your life and He has blessed me with such a great friend. My prayer will continue that your courage and security grow as strong as your beliefs and your integrity.

    I love you friend 🙂


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