My soul can’t dance without You…

Lyrics from a song called “My Romance” by Melissa How of Jesus Culture.  So many times, such as this morning, when I hear this song and especially those specific lyrics, I identify in a way I can hardly describe.

You may read them and be nonplussed or wonder what in the world would it mean for your soul to dance?  I couldn’t have truly related to a song called My Romance being about Jesus until the last year and a half or so.  What I found was that as I gave God a real chance to be at work in my life, more than just going to church or “knowing” the right things, as I came to the end of trying so hard and just said, “Here I am God.  This is what you get.  This is who I am,”  He took that girl and began to lead my life in ways I had never experienced before.  God began to really speak to my heart and I began to believe it was Him.  I began to listen and actually obey what I heard in my heart and read in my Bible.  But that was only because I started to glimpse this romance Melissa How sings about…it was only because I was beginning to taste freedom and my soul was indeed beginning to dance…

These are just the heart ramblings of an ordinary woman learning again and again what it means to be free.  What it means to surrender.  What it means to believe Jesus is all of who He said He was and that God could really love me that much.  No matter what.

Every step of the way on this journey with Jesus has meant less measuring.  I don’t have to measure myself against anyone else.  I don’t have to be concerned with anyone measuring anything about me.  They can do it, but I don’t have to care.  Every day that I let go of my ideas of measuring up and let Jesus fill me beyond measure was a day my soul learned to dance.  A free soul is a dancing soul.

Every step on this journey with Jesus that meant humbling myself and letting go of hurt and offense has been a day my soul learned to dance.  A soul weighted down with old wounds and offense can’t dance.

Every step of this journey with Jesus that meant doing new things I had never done before in spite of my fear was a day my soul learned to dance.  Watching your fears crumble frees your soul to dance.

Every step of this journey with Jesus when I felt Him as near as a whisper healed my heart and gave me courage I could never find any other way.  His love and courage, His nearness, beckons my soul to dance.

Every step of this journey with Jesus when He led me to just the right scripture or song or devotional for that day and circumstance built my trust and lit a fuse of awe and pleasure in my life.  Awe-inspired, my soul began to dance.

Every step of this journey with Jesus has opened my eyes to see more of the world around me.  More of the complexity of people juxtaposed with the simplicity of the Love of Jesus.  I see orange and pink sunsets and pause to congratulate my Artful God.  I feel the breeze on a warm spring day and thank Him for the sweet comforts of new life and new seasons.  Even as I write, the rain pours down and thunder crashes and I am ever aware of the Greatness of Creator.  Perhaps a bit poetic, but truly my soul is learning to dance…with Him and for Him.  Everything about life, even the most disappointing moments that I don’t always share on this blog, are set against the music of our dance…our romance.  Romance in that I have been wooed.  I have been sought after.  I have been caught.

Now, when the world and life wants to press in and add some of that measuring, offense or fear to my outstretched arms I recoil.  I tell my Jesus, you know I won’t live like that.  And I hear Him whisper to my heart that He doesn’t want me to.  I don’t always know the way forward or through it, but I know what its like to live in a soul-dance with  my Savior.  So, I know I can’t go back.  Life is much sweeter, no matter the season of joy or loss, when your soul is light and free, caught up in a Romance with Jesus…caught up and held in the hands that hold the universe.

See, Jesus, My Soul Can’t Dance Without you… 


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