A Good Girl Daddy

Baby dolls and dress up clothes
A day off for the zoo
Wave jumping and elaborate sand castles
Things a good girl daddy will do

Complimenting his little princess
Dancing around the room
Sunday hair bows and finding her shoes
Things a good girl daddy will do

Teaching her letters and numbers and how to spell
Teaching her to get back on even after she fell
Teaching her right from wrong she daily must choose
Things a good girl daddy always will do

Brushing her long hair easy so she won’t cry
Kissing her twice when saying good-bye
Bible stories and snuggling each night times two
Things a good girl daddy is never too tired to do

Working hard to provide, save and plan for tomorrow
Working hard to play and overcoming her sorrows
Knowing deep inside he’ll do all he’s asked to
Things a good girl daddy can’t help but do

Movie nights and popcorn
Exploring nature in the yard
Capturing each moment as it breezes through
Things a good girl daddy remembers to do

Asking God for guidance
As he is a reflection of His love
Hero, night-in-shining-armour, provider, answer-giver, solid arms to fall into…
Things a good girl daddy can be counted on to do

Not a son to toughen up
Not a boy full blast and full force
With little girls you must take your time
For their lives are like a flower…

They bloom and grow
They turn out beautiful
When the light from a good girl daddy
Warms the way with love and security
When little girls learn they are valued and loved
That their worth far exceeds what can be measured or told…

Good girl daddies do what no one else can
They show their daughters what to expect from a man
Good girl daddies set their daughters free to love and become
Never held back or desperate for love
Good girl daddies grow tender and courageous women
Giving out all of their lives from all he has given

To the best “girl daddy” I know…you have far exceeded my dreams for a father to our children. You are strong and gentle and have the wisdom to know what each moment needs. You take the time to spend your time with them. You teach them and have fun with them. You are the kind of girl daddy that wraps them up in blankets and carries them upstairs like a sack of potatoes, laughing hysterically all the way! You are the kind of girl daddy who dances with them to Taylor Swift songs and yet shows them the cool wood beetle you found. You are the kind of girl daddy who tells them how pretty they are on Sunday mornings and will apply the needed discipline and explanation when called for. You make them fishing poles and bird houses. You read a Bible story at night and pray bedtime prayers with them. You take off work for a field trip and carry sleepy girls to bed when it’s late at night. You get them dressed for church and always give the hair bows an honest try. You color with them and you push them entirely too high on the swings but they love it. You require they use manners and show others respect. You give all that you have and all that you are to our daughters. They have the best girl daddy any little girl could hope for…

Any wonder God would give you another?


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