Peace & Perspective

2 Thessalonians:1-2
I, Paul, together with Silas and Timothy, greet the church of the Thessalonian Christians in the name of God our Father and our Master, Jesus Christ. Our God gives you everything you need, makes you everything you’re to be.

This morning, as I prepare for the day ahead, I ask God to permeate everything about me.  I ask Him for Peace and Perspective.  I trust this simple verse above.  God will give me what I need.  He will make me what I am meant to be.  So, I ask Jesus to help me think the thoughts He wants me to think, see what He sees, hear what He hears and respond from a perspective that can only come from Him.  I know for sure that perspective, the way I see God, myself and others, affects everything about my life.

So often I pray for people I love.  I pray and ask God to touch their hearts and lives…to find ways to show them more of who He really is and wants to be in their lives.  I ask Him to interrupt them.  But I know that I must also be willing to be interrupted.  The way I go about my days, the way I speak to my children, the thoughts and secret attitudes of my heart, the ways I choose to spend my time.  The very motives of my heart.  My battle with me first or others first.  It’s not an easy prayer to pray, because it will most certainly be answered with a yes.  Yes, I would love to interrupt the way you think and speak and treat others, Vanessa.  I would love to have your permission to help you change course.

Although it hurts the “flesh” or self-centered part of me to be interrupted by Jesus, I know it to be true that life becomes amazingly beautiful when I let Him.  I crave His peace.  I desperately need His perspective.  I want to be filled with His Spirit. 

Jesus, interrupt my life today.  The way I think, the way I speak, to the core of who I am…


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