He Sends the Rain

Isaiah 30:23 (the message)
God will provide rain for the seeds you sow.

These simple words have touched my heart this morning.  In a climate of fear, economic downturn and financial loss for so many I am encouraged by the words of this prophet.  Yes, they are old testament and were written to the people of Israel, but I am a child of the Most High God and I know in my heart this promise is meant for believers today, as well.

God will provide rain for the seeds you sow.  I think the question you must ask yourself when you read this short verse is have you been sowing?  What kind of seeds have you been sowing?  See, I find such comfort in this today because my husband and I have learned to sow our finances over the years and have many times seen the blessings of God flow into our lives because we were faithful in this area.  Am I patting myself on the back or suggesting it’s easy?  No, not at all!  We haven’t done it perfectly as we have certainly tripped along the way with doubt, but our hearts have believed in the goodness of God.  We are deeply convicted that our finances, when given according to scripture and with leading of Holy Spirit, are used in practical ways that touch the lives of others.  Whether they are used to help pay the light bill at church, send interns to Haiti, feed children in Africa, provide relief for tornado victims or help with the Special Olympics, we know that our sowing is not in vain.  And what a sweet reminder this morning that it is God who provides the rain for the seeds we sow.  We sow in obedience and with a heart to be a blessing, but it is God who provides the rain and causes the seed to grow.

For me this morning, I hear the whisper of personal provision and encouragement.  As I wrote on my last post, God sees what we give.  We don’t have to bow down to fear or discouragement when we face uncertainty if we rest in the knowledge we have sown our seed.  God will provide the rain.  God will bring about the provision from what we sow.  I love this for two reasons.  First, I believe it shows us we have the choice to sow or not sow.  Meaning, we have a part to play.  If we sow nothing, then regardless of what rains come there is nothing to grow.  However, if we sow our seed, not because we feel our arms are twisted or with a clumsy effort at checking it off our list, but if we sow with a heart for others and trust in God then there is a harvest waiting to burst forth when God sends the rain.  Which leads to the second thought.   We do not ultimately control our circumstances or finances.  God sends the rain.  And He knows what we don’t know!  God knows when we will need the rain to come…He knows how much rain we will need and He is faithful.  Always faithful.

If you know me, then you know I follow politics and current events.  I certainly wasn’t always that way!  I know hard times are pressing on many in our nation.  I know what the unemployment rate is and that hope and enthusiasm for the future is low right now.  So many are in jeopardy.  So many facing the devastating news they can no longer stay on payroll.  It’s one thing to hear it on the news and discuss it as part of current events and politics.  It’s another when it touches people you know and it is no longer a news story.  It’s loss.  And with every loss there is a question laid out before us…where does our help come from?

I take comfort this morning in the promise of my Father.  I pray for those who battle lack and fear of the future.  And if you have let this area of your life become dormant, I  encourage you to sow your seed!  Realize, if you have given your heart to Jesus, that you have a rich inheritance.  I believe it is one of great and glorious spiritual blessing and freedom as I so often attempt to convey on this blog.  But I also believe God cares for us in very practical ways, including provision for our families and finances.  I believe He longs for us to have hearts willing to sow our seeds into the lives of others.  Realizing that as we open our sometimes clenched hands  to give a portion of what we have earned into His kingdom and care, we are not only blessing others but sowing the very seed which will become our own provision at some point.  See, no matter how responsible you are, no matter how certain and safe you feel in how well you manage your life and money, there are many variables you cannot control.  But as we trust in God to bring the rains, knowing how deeply He cares for us and confident in His promise to provide as we have been faithful, we need not be overcome with anxiety.

We just keep an eye to the sky in expectation…knowing He promised to send the rain.  And as we know Him more and more, we find it increasingly easy to believe Him.


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