Bibles and Book-Lights

Yesterday was a rainy day in my part of the world.  Thankfully, the storms brought a reprieve from the 100+ temps we have been experiencing.  My girls have been stuck in doors quite a bit lately with the heat, so we all jumped on the chance to at least sit out on our porch and enjoy the cooler weather.

As I sat rocking in one of the chairs, my oldest daughter brought over to me her “Bible for Little Hearts” book so she could show me a verse.  This little book has various scriptures along with precious moments type pictures of little boys and girls on the pages.  Actually, I bought it while I was in college for myself but I let Rivers have it a while back.  Over the summer there are some nights when she is allowed to take books to bed and use her book light until she is ready to fall asleep.  I hadn’t realized this was one of the books she was reading in bed until she showed me a verse she had found…

Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

After reading these verses to me, Rivers said that she knew this was how she should treat Leah (her little sister).  Again, one of those moments when as a mom I am a bit startled that my oldest daughter would gain this insight all by herself!  I asked her when she had found this and she said the night before while reading in bed.  Like any set of siblings growing up together, my girls are at an age where they bicker and whine at each other.  We have been talking and dealing with this issue lately, so it truly touched my heart that God’s Spirit could and would speak to my daughter’s heart this way.

I guess as adults we tend to make spirituality really complicated sometimes.  I know I do.  Yet, sometimes we just need to get alone and open our Bibles.  Turn on our book-lights and find out what God’s Word says.  I don’t think Rivers was looking through her little Bible with Leah on her mind.  I think as she just followed her desire to read it a wonderful opportunity was there for Jesus to use scripture to speak to her heart.  Does this mean Rivers will never again become annoyed with her little sister and bicker with her?  I can already tell you the answer is no!  But what it does mean is that a seed of God’s love and truth was planted in my daughter’s heart and the same God who planted it there will cause it grow and influence her at times.

God waits to speak to us…to influence us…to encourage us.  If, in child-like trust, we will open our Bibles, book-lights and hearts.





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