My True Course

“You don’t have to choose between staying close to Me and staying on course.  Since I am the Way, staying close to me is staying on course.”

Oh how these words read from my “Jesus Calling” devotional this morning have stung and touched and helped my heart.

When we don’t know which way to go, when we are confused and crying out for direction, there is this truth:  Being close to Jesus is the course we are to take.  Our burdens lift and pressures are broken…the weight of decision-making and the search for clarity is overwhelmed in the peace of His presence.  Even when our hearts are pure in the quest for following God’s will for our lives, we can often become so entrenched in the narrow mind-set of finding answers that we neglect to draw near to The Answer.

If you find yourself at any sort of crossroads…if you are desperate for direction…if you ache for answers, I would like to encourage you to lay aside your need to know what to do and whole-heartedly seek the One who knows.  Sometimes Jesus is not going to make plain to you the direction you are to go because He wants you to sit at His feet…worship…let go and be filled with His peace.  As we abide in Him we find complete and immediate rest for our souls.

I, nor  you, need not always know what to do next.  As much as we want to have the course mapped out in front of us, we can find a deeper peace than seems possible when we embrace Jesus as our course…staying close to Him.  Finding our next step, our next moment, will be revealed in the safety of His leading as we follow after the peace that only His presence brings.

Perhaps the idea of seeking His nearness, of living in His peace, seems hard to grasp.  I can only offer to you this morning the truth of my life:  Coming to Him, sitting still, offering my truest heart and learning to worship Him in the most simple and genuine ways have cleared the obstacles and paved the way to experiencing His nearness in my life.

The beauty of it all is that in His nearness, I learn to let go of all that I am and all I am not.  I am filled and overwhelmed with His peace.  In His presence I am willing to let the pressures and expectations of life shatter because His love and leading are stronger and more sure than anything else I have known about living.

Jesus, thank you for allowing me to draw so near to you this morning.  Thank you for this perfect peace that surrounds my heart.  As I first seek your nearness, I know I am once again safe in each moment to come.  I don’t have to have all the answers and I don’t have to mentally rehearse, day after day, what areas of life need adjusting or mending.  All I have to do is sit at your feet and let you touch my life.  You always know what I need.  Your mercy and grace save me.  I hear you whisper to my heart “today is a new day, daughter.”  In your presence I am made free from the constraints of my weakness.  In your presence I am strengthened.  I find freedom as the burden of self is lifted.  Jesus, you are everything…joy, peace, wisdom, strength, stability.  Give me the eyes to see and the heart to perceive that my life is not about twisting and turning to find joy, peace, stability or direction…those things come and grow and explode in my life as you fill me.  They are simply the product of a life lived close to you…my true course.  I love you…


One thought on “My True Course

  1. Hi Vanessa,

    Thanks for sharing. Today’s post is so timely for us and our family. We are standing at the crossroads seeking Him!


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