Proverbs 25:12-14 (The Message)
My question: What are God-worshipers like?
Your answer: Arrows aimed at God’s bull’s-eye.

They settle down in a promising place;
Their kids inherit a prosperous farm.

God-friendship is for God-worshipers;
They are the ones he confides in.

This morning Leah and I walked Rivers to her classroom for her first day of second grade.  My recently turned seven-year-old girl sporting her big girl backpack and pink monkey lunch box!  She was excited which makes the start of a new school year so much easier on her mama.  As I was chatting briefly with her new teacher, I looked down to see Leah with a most forlorn expression on her face.  Rivers had already made her way over to her new seat and had her crayons out ready to begin the worksheet on her desk.  Leah, however, looked as though she was losing her best friend…

Sounds kind of sad, but really these are the moments of my life.  The ones I will savor and cherish forever in my heart.  These are the moments I just can’t miss.  Leah and I went over to tell Rivers good-bye and give her a hug and wouldn’t you know Leah wouldn’t let Rivers go…she held on so tightly…and I really get that.  As a parent I am learning the moments pass quickly and you must be ready for each one, but you just want so much to hold on tightly and not let go!  You want to say Wait!  You can’t be in second grade already!  Tears and smiles…

Now, as I sit with my luke-warm coffee and read over the 25th Psalm, I am touched by the verses above.  See, I long to be a God-worshiper…to settle into a promising place.  I long to see my children inherit a rich legacy and prosperous future as they not only hear but see their mom and dad experience God-friendship.  My, how I yearn to be one God confides in…built up in His presence and absolutely aimed, like an arrow, at His bull’s-eye.

I am learning, ever so deeply, how great and deep and precious the peace of God is in my life.  I am learning how easily I can and will miss the sweetest moments of my life if I am not aimed correctly.  And it can’t be my aim at my designated target.  I must continuously learn and practice becoming an arrow in His hands.  Let God’s peace and my friendship with Him…my worship…lead me to hear and follow His voice so He can aim my focus and heart toward His bull’s-eye – His perfect plan – for me.

I find Him so amazing.  Jesus.  I am overcome and awed by the way He cares so deeply about every detail of my life.  I am touched and changed by the way He leads me…sometimes it feels like a rocky mountain climb and sometimes it feels like Maria singing, arms outstretched,  on the Austrian hillsides in The Sound of Music (if you don’t know the reference you have missed one of the greatest musicals ever!).

This afternoon Leah and I will climb into my Jeep and get into the carpool lane.  Leah will beat me to the punch in asking Rivers all about her first day.  And I will listen and absorb another moment which I may have missed if God didn’t take the time to care about my aim…


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