3-D Mama

If you have young children or are around them for any length of time you know they say the most amazing and sometimes hilarious things!  My oldest daughter, Rivers, has always been very articulate and quite intuitive for her age.  Sometimes she just comes up with things that make me laugh…

Like this morning.  We are all getting dressed for the day and she just blurts out “mama you are 3-D with that pregnant belly!”  I had a good laugh as she went on and on about it.  Tomorrow we are scheduled for “Dorsey Girl” number three to make her grand introduction to the world.  Bright and early my hubby and I will make our way to the hospital and get ready to welcome this newest of daughters to our brood.  My girls have been very excited and sweet about having another sister.  They have been counting down the days until she comes (as have I, as have I!)

On the way to school this morning, as my girls were praying, they both made a point to pray for tomorrow and that their baby sister would come safely and be healthy.  As a parent, listening to your seven and four-year old pray over the delivery of their newest sibling is quite remarkable.  These are the moments when amidst all of my shortcomings as a mother, I know the good stuff is getting in there, too.  Brings this 3-D Mama thing a bit more to the stuff of real life…

A 3-D Mama…one that is real and out front about life.  Not just a mama that can give you one side of the picture..or even two sides…but all the sides.  I can tell you right now my girls, especially my oldest, have seen all of my sides.  Sometimes I find it discouraging because I would like them to have the perfect upbringing and unable to recollect any failures or character flaws on my part!  However, since that won’t be happening I must choose to shake off the attacks of the enemy that would loudly point out my weaknesses and declare each day a new one…each moment a new opportunity to be real and honest and genuine with my Heavenly Father and the precious gifts He has given to me.  Each day a new chance to be 3-D with my girls.  I don’t want to pretend to have something or teach them something that they can’t touch, see, taste, feel and experience.  See, once in a great while I get this fleeting sense of how God might see us…I feel like He sees the broad arch of my life, my humanity, my hopes and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, and all the moments of my life that in sum total equal who I am today…and I feel like maybe He gently strokes my head and holds my chin up so I can hear Him say I see you and all of your humanity.  And I see your heart.

Oh, goodness.  My Creator is the most 3-D of all.  He jumps off the pages of my Bible and I see Him and feel Him and experience Him in ways that compel me.  Every day is not a glorious and glistening mountain top experience.  But every day He is with me and He holds onto me.  Jesus never leaves me.  Jesus never gives up on me.  Jesus is never, ever finished with me.  Jesus lets me be so real with Him that in turn I find myself needing to be real with others…especially my own children.

Sometimes 3-D Mama is loud and frustrated.  Sometimes I just give “the look” and they know I am done.  Sometimes I grow impatient.  Sometimes I just want some quiet and I don’t care who was sitting in the good spot on the couch first so nobody sits there!  Sometimes I am just plain grumpy and mad! But all week long 3-D Mama sits at the kitchen table to help with 2nd grade math.  I look over the school cafeteria schedule to know which days they will serve breakfast for lunch cause I know Rivers will want to buy lunch that day.  I listen to a lot of stories and spell a lot of words.  I brush wet hair and fix lots of not-so-fabulous dinners.  I watch them climb into the chair with their daddy at night to look at a cool library book about Dinosaurs or laugh as Leah kicks butt on Wii Table Tennis.  I tuck in and snuggle.  I read Bible stories and say prayers.  I laugh a lot and sometimes they see me cry.  I say I am sorry when I know I have messed up.  I forgive.  Every now and then I climb into bed with them in the middle of the night and choke back the emotions of motherhood as I stare into their innocent and wonderful faces.  I always, always ask how school was each day although I can already tell because I know them so well.

I mess up plenty as a mom.  But I get some good stuff right, too.  And I know that all of this is life…real…let me show you how to be unafraid to be yourself…let me point you to the One who will always love you completely, unconditionally, crazily.

Goodness how I want to be a 3-D Mama pointing to her 3-D God…


One thought on “3-D Mama

  1. Wow Vanessa…I can so identify! I know my kids see the good and definitely the bad and imperfect parts of me too. I just want to be real with them. I hope God uses it all to teach them. I know I mess up so many times. I have to say I’m sorry more than I would like to. My prayer is always “God, please let them turn out ok…inspite of me.” Hopefully they will be able to look back on their days in our home and say “no, it wasn’t perfect but they did their best and we know we were loved.”


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