Perfect Day

new baby girl
smiling in her sleep
sweet round face
our family feels complete

my heart swells
the tears spill
i hear the sounds
of my family

i never wish to forget
how very hard it was
loud, angry
marriage an accusation

keen memories
broken attempts at love
we learned the hard way
the best way
who Jesus really was

not every day is perfect
but today…

church family surrounds and welcomes
choosing pumpkins
princess and bat-girl costumes
crazy wigs for mommy & daddy
carving pumpkins
watching sweet angel sleep
cuddling on the couch with my girls
daddy this is delicious
bathtime, bedtime
did you brush your teeth?
give mama a hug goodnight he says

yes, i sit downstairs
rocking my little leighton
tiny fingers grasp my own
i hear this man
reading their bible story….
saying prayers…
tucking them in…
talking about tomorrow…
have a good day at school girls…
i love you and good job on your pumpkins…
my throat closes and i can only say
thank you…thank you God…thank you

we once were so lost
and now we live found
we once were so angry
and now we live in peace
we once were so bound
and now we live free
we once were so close to over
and now we live in forever

i once thought i knew about Jesus and love
then i hurt…so much…
and He rescued me

Jesus rescued us


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