Boycotting Evil

This morning, as we were riding to church, I was gazing out of my window at the scenery and noticed a Halloween scene in a yard with smiling witches and pumpkins.  As we zipped by I thought about how so often as Christians we can get uptight and “righteously indignant” (really just mad or offended!) at things like Halloween.  Now, this post is not about Halloween or my opinion of it or yours.  What struck me as I rode to church was how easily we can get up in arms about little kids wearing Cinderella costumes and asking for candy but do nothing, absolutely nothing really, about real evil in the world.  As I passed more houses and farmland and the beautiful landscape of a Fall morning, I felt a surge of strong emotion roll over my heart and I told God how much I hate  all of the pretense and the rules and regulations of religion that add weight and meaningless guilt to our lives but do nothing to really make a difference…

Skip ahead about an hour.  My little Leighton woke up hungry towards the end of service so I left with her and went to one of our nurseries.  As I sat feeding her, one of the volunteers I know and love shared with me that she was finally able to have a foster child come to her home.  This beautiful lady has welcomed a sweet little girl who just turned two into her life and my friend hopes to adopt her in the future.  I am so thrilled for this special lady and this precious child.  See, my friend always wanted to be married and have a family of her own (and she very well may!), but God is choosing to make her a mother in another way.  A way that stares real evil down and blows it to smithereens with Jesus-style love.

See, I don’t worry so much anymore about cinderella and bat-girl costumes opening the door to the spiritual abyss.  I want my heart to stir with passion and indignation for the little people in life who stare real evil in the face in their real lives…knowing there are people like my friend who slam the door, lock it and throw a new life party in Jesus name.  Not everyone is supposed to have foster children.  But aren’t we all supposed to do something?  In some way?  Shouldn’t our lives combat evil in more ways than boycotting Halloween?

Maybe yours does.  I know my life so often becomes about me and everything I have going on.  It was kind of refreshing for me this morning, telling God from my heart how annoyed I feel about religion sometimes and how even more refreshed I felt face to face with someone whose life is so much more than religious duty.  A woman who joyfully surrenders her dreams in the way she was dreaming and lets God fulfill them in His perfect, evil-crushing way.


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