Still Roaring

My God is not dead
He’s surely alive
And He’s living on the inside
Roaring like a lion

These are lyrics from a song by Newsboys that was playing (somewhat loudly) as I pulled into my driveway tonight.  It was just Leighton and I on the drive home from my parent’s house.  I am so thankful for how God will touch our hearts anywhere and anytime if we want Him to and will let Him…

You know where I hear my God roaring tonight?  In the sounds of my baby girl’s cooing.  I see Him roaring tonight as she smiles at me when I take her from her car seat.  I have suffered the loss of miscarriage in my life and even though I could not understand what or why I have absolutely seen God’s faithfulness.  I am reminded tonight that regardless of what I face, MY GOD IS NOT DEAD…HE IS SURELY ALIVE AND HE’S LIVING ON THE INSIDE ROARING LIKE A LION!!

As I consider the choices I have made, my inabilities and weakenesses, my hopes for the future, the questions of my heart… I hear Him roar.  He is not defeated, therefore I am not defeated!  He is more than enough, therefore I am more than enough!  God is faithful.  He is strong.  He is powerful.  And He is alive in me.

Whatever you may be facing as you read this post, let me encourage you to hear and see God roar again in your life.  He is not dead, therefore your circumstances are not dead.  Your marriage is not dead.  Your future is not dead.  Your hope is not dead.  Sometimes we get tired and weary and we lose focus.  We forget our God is powerful!  Jesus…the lion and the lamb…if you have opened the door of your heart to Him then HE IS SURELY ALIVE and He is still roaring inside of you!  You just need to hear Him…see Him…let Him reveal Himself to you once again.  No loss can overwhelm Him.  No doctor’s report can intimidate Him.  Our past does not scare Him.  Our abilities do not impress Him.  Our weaknesses do not worry Him.  Our questions cannot stump Him.  The roar of His resurrection reverberates for all time…for every life…in every heart that will seek Him.

Nearing the end of my drive home I sensed that whisper to my heart say no one could be faithful to you the way I am.  He didn’t say no one would be…He said no one could be.  See, no matter how much we love people or they love us…no matter how solid we believe our circumstances are…no matter how self-reliant we have learned to be…there is no one on earth capable of showing Himself strong and faithful on our behalf the way Jesus does.

Maybe in the face of your children…the bills you found a way to pay this month…the husband or wife still by your side…the friend who called just to see how you are…the food in your fridge…the warm blankets on your bed…the chains of addiction broken…the heartbreak getting easier every day…the job offer that just came in…the strength to keep going…the song that touched your heart…the sunset that amazed you…the test result you prayed for…the teacher who encouraged you…the friend who forgave you…the sermon that challenged you…the dream of your heart coming true before you…the shame of yesterday no longer chasing you…the impossible made possible for you…the God who recreates you…is roaring, still roaring, like a lion.



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