My Gifts


animated, thoughtful, funny, nature-lover, talker, Jesus-follower, artsy, tough, all-american beauty, friend to all, leader big sister, daddy’s outdoorsy girl, articulate, mommy’s book-loving girl, intuitive, green, creative, smart, t-shirts, sparkle smile, “doodlebug,” my first-born gift.

LEAH RAYE              

independent, tender-hearted, up for a challenge, princess-lover, affectionate, helpful, determined, willing to share, daddy’s little hunter-girl, quick learner, natural beauty, brave, bedazzled, mommy’s brown-eyed girl, enamoured big sister, competitive, lip gloss, warm vanilla sugar smile, “little sweetie,” my second-born gift.


smiley, content, well-loved little sister, cuddly, discovering, growing, big blue eyes,  daddy’s arms, mommy’s kisses, watches big sisters, mellow, full of possibility, chubby cheeks, hand-crafted by Creator, precious, wants to see, long lashes, maple syrup sweet, gummy sunshine smile, “miss pricklepants,” my third-born gift.


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