Laughter and Tears

One of my most prized possessions is a small, plastic, rectangular card that fits snugly inside my wallet.

It’s my library card.  Not too long after we were married, my husband suggested I get one as I was developing a habit of a hardback per week.  I don’t remember being a voracious reader growing up really, but over the years my love for books has grown deep roots.  I love the feel of a slightly worn paperback.  I love the paper bookmarks with ladybugs and catchy phrases about reading from the library as well as the one Shannon’s Aunt Jennifer gave me with a monogrammed “D” on it.  Or the bookmark my dear friend made for me that actually has one of my blog posts printed on it!  My all-time favorite, however, is my Dorothy bookmark that says “Oh! Your’e the best freinds anybody ever had!” along with a glittery picture of D and her pals. My sister, who knows I love The Wizard of Oz, gave it to me this past summer.  It’s still in the plastic with a few grains of sand from our beach trip and is tucked into a book as I write. I love all kinds of books: fiction, poetry, political, biographies, devotionals.  What I treasure most is sensing a tug or a desire in my heart to read a book and then realizing God sent it to me.  The amazing and lovely part is how the right book at just the right time can touch you.  Draw you closer to God.  Sometimes it may be a book with heavy and thoughtful material that challenges me.  Sometimes it’s a page-turning and entertaining story that relaxes me.  Sometimes it’s a book that does both…truly amazing!

Recently my most beautiful and bookmark-giving sister, Elizabeth, mentioned a book she was reading by Lysa TerKeurst called “Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl.”   I knew of this book.  I mean what a catchy title!  And deep in my heart this has been the desire that changed my life.  I was worn out with trying to be a “good” Christian girl.  I wanted more.  And when I wanted it so much I became desperate, I found more.  So much more in Jesus than I ever knew was possible…

But, every Jesus-follower needs encouragement along the journey.  And so I thank God for leading me to Lysa’s book.  I am adjusting to reading books, now and then, on a book reading device.  It’s a marvel but I still love the feel of a much-loved-on library book.  Still love choosing a bookmark, along with my girls, from the basket when I check out my books.  Love seeing a stack of books just waiting to be read on my nightstand.  Some of you will relate, understand exactly, and some will wonder if I am on medication…smile…but whether you flip pages with a swipe or an actual turn, I hope you ladies might check it out.  Might not be the book for you at this time…but it might.

My husband asked me repeatedly last night what was so funny because I was laughing out loud at the stories Lysa shares from her life.  And then subtly wiping away the tears that come from truth.




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