For His Glory

Victory is not found in a premature rescue from your hardship.  Victory is found on the other side, in God’s timing, as your hardship becomes the very message God uses in your life.  The book of Romans says God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.  So we think trouble and hardship is always bad.  But the thing that feels hopeless brings good when we learn to hope anyway.  We might think the thing is unfair until we learn to let go of our rights and trust God to care for us.  We think the thing has stolen our chance for purpose until we find that our mess becomes our message.  We think the thing that makes us desperate will destroy us until we learn God’s best work is done with the broken pieces of our lives.  There is no power in Hell that can come against us…no attack of the enemy…no circumstance of life that cannot be turned on its head and used by our God to show His mighty power.  Every alcoholic’s son, every abused young girl, every brow-beaten wife, every dishonored husband, every aborted baby’s mother, every absentee father, every lonely child, every judged teenager, every staunchly proud church-attender, every jail cell occupant, every grieving widow, every empty-arm parent, every disillusioned minister, every van-driving soccer mom, every used young beauty, every dismissed young man, every God-hater, law-breaker, advantage-taker, every story…upended, interrupted, retold…for His Glory.


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