Content to Linger

Isaiah 26:8 (the message)
We’re in no hurry, God. We’re content to linger in the path sign-posted with your decisions. Who you are and what you’ve done are all we’ll ever want.

This morning, blanket on my shoulders and a cup of coffee, I sit for a few minutes before my family awakens.  As I turn to the scripture reference in Isaiah from my devotional, my heart catches and trips over the verse above.  Content to linger sticks in my soul.  I know I have been in a hurry.  I want to work through my impatience and seeming inability to meet the demands of life around me at the speed of light.  I have sought God.  I have been truly blessed with life in abundance.  And yet it seems hard.  And shame comes because why does it feel like a struggle?

This morning He confronts my hurried heart.  My frantic grasping to be filled with Him so that the fruit of His Spirit overwhelms my flesh.  And yet in my hurry I perhaps am missing the point.  Here in this place, my flesh learns to die a bit more.  Really I have found nothing more challenging to the ingrained ruts of selfishness in my life than marriage and children.  All I long to be as a wife and mother, all He calls me to be, cannot be accomplished without the chipping away of my selfish human nature, or flesh as the Bible calls it.  I suspect this is part of His great master plan.

So, if I am seeking God in my life I can trust the path He has laid out before me.  And I sense we will take baby steps until I do indeed learn to be content to linger…content with all He is and is doing in my life.  To daily look past myself and see Him in every thing I do.  Even while I want to be who He calls me to be I must learn to look past it…to gaze at Jesus.  What an odd mix…a challenge.  Sometimes the path God leads us on feels uncomfortable because it draws out what we see as the worst in us, but He sees the fine work of His hand in our lives as He gently scoops out the yuck (as my dear friend calls it) in our hearts.

God knows I long for Him.  I long for peace and joy and stability of heart.  I believe He wants me to be content to linger in this place…a place teaching me that sometimes peace and joy and stability of heart come only as the flesh dies.  And the flesh can only die as we choose Jesus again and again and again.  Jesus over our comfort.  Jesus over our way.  Jesus over worry.  Jesus over striving.  Jesus over snapping at loved ones.  Jesus over “me time.”  Jesus over a nap.  Jesus over my own to-do list.  Jesus over all I think I know.  Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…I want to be content to linger where You are.



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