The Right-of-Way

As she was getting ready this morning, Rivers was telling me about the upcoming wax museum at her school (except the second graders will actually dress up as the famous person they admire).  She is really hoping for Amelia Earhart since she was an explorer and showed girls they could fly!  Some of this I knew last night, but what I didn’t know until this morning was that her first choice had been Dolly Parton (yes sometimes we rock to Islands in the Stream!).  I asked why Dolly Parton and Rivers said she just wanted to be unique (no question she has that covered in the best of ways).  Most awesome was how she told her friend Garrison if she got to be Dolly Parton she would have to come to school with…curly hair! Laugh right out loud you know I totally thought she was going to say something else!!!!

A bit later as Leah and I were heading into preschool she asked me, for the second time, if she could take a toy in with her.  As we walked up the sidewalk I said, No Leah.  I have already explained this.  They ask us not to bring toys in.  Leah said, well I could just put it in my cubby.  I replied, No, Leah. We are going to honor Ms. Holly’s rule.  I gave my brown-eyed girl a hug and thought nothing more of it until as I drove home my thoughts filled with this idea of honor.  What does it mean for me to honor Jesus in my life?

Honor:  1. a showing of usually merited respect: recognition.  2. one whose worth brings respect or fame  3. an evidence or symbol of distinction  (

This morning, as I ponder this idea of honor, I believe it has everything to do with heart.  You have to know, first-hand in your own life, just how much Jesus is worth to you.

I don’t know exactly why I chose to put it to Leah that way, except lately I pray more for Holy Spirit to direct my thoughts and words.  I want my girls to understand something I am learning myself.  A love affair with Creator, Savior-King, is most richly lived out when our hearts are all in.  Trying to live up to what you were taught is not the same, nor does it bring the fulfillment, of a life lived because you have been caught.  We are all being pursued by Creator.  In so many ways, every day, He reaches out to us, chases us, calls to us.  He really, really wants us.  When we begin to catch even a glimmer of this truth our hearts shift from rule-following effort and striving to a place of longing.  Longing to be near this God-Man so worthy.  And most amazingly, He longs for us, as well.

I sense the answer to this question of honoring Jesus is wrapped up in one simple (triangular I believe)  traffic sign:  Yield.  When I think about yielding, I think about letting someone else go first.  In traffic, yielding means I could try to go ahead but I need to slow down and see if someone else has the right-of-way.  If so, I need to let them go first.  If I come so close I can hear Jesus when He speaks to my heart, then it becomes about my desire and decision to follow where He leads.

I want to give Jesus the right-of-way in my life.  I want to let Him go first.  Now, that sounds all spiritual but even as I write it my flesh cringes.  Giving Jesus the right-of-way in my life means I slow down to listen, not just tell Him what I need and want.  It means when He tugs ever so gently on my heart I choose His way even in the smallest things.  Because so often it is our willingness to yield in the smallest things about our lives that give Jesus the greatest honor.

I love this idea that honor is an evidence of distinction.  When I honor Jesus, give Him the right-of-way, my life becomes the evidence of His distinction as God, Savior, and my One and Only.



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