The Extraordinary

Is it completely expected (and perhaps boring!) to write about love on Valentines Day? For sure.

Oh I have restarted this post several times with a few really great scriptures and yet the words don’t flow. So I check my heart and what I find is an offering for my Jesus…

I feel so absolutely snug in the palm of your hand. This past Sunday in church I thought how my insides feel like they found that place carved out just for me. We sang about joy and peace and a slight smile found its way to my face. I get it now. My joy and peace have nothing to do with anything or anyone but You.

Today is a big day for the greeting card people. And I love the sweet pink tulips I found waiting for me this morning. They mean something to me that only comes when you’ve been to the brink of divorce and made a comeback. I love drinking lukewarm coffee in this particular green mug with the flat spot for my thumb. I love the sounds of clothes whipping around in the dryer, Leighton swatting at her toys, Leah giving me updates on her show and the soulful songs of Kim Walker-Smith filling my kitchen. I love how so far our third attempt at having a fish is going well…way to go Mitchell the awesome blue and black beta fish!

I drink in the mornings when my girls remind me to read their devotion at breakfast. I’m trying to spread peanut butter and rush them along and then Rivers says “Mom! Our Jesus Calling!” and I know it’s more and better than I could come up with on my own. Jesus calling…for sure. It’s all You.

Text messages from my fun-loving and beautiful sister-in-law, Jill, telling me Happy Valentines Day. Not sure if she knows how beautiful her heart is…what a gift she has always been to me…one of those people who seem to “get” me and loves me just as I am. Thank You for giving me a sister in her, not just an in-law.

Jesus, this is what Your love means to me. You are the most extraordinary in an ordinary girl’s life. The more amazed and humbled I find myself, the taller You stand in me…the brighter You shine. The realization of my shallow understanding draws me to greater depths. For so long I thought I had to have it all figured out but then You just kept jumping out of my pocket. You won’t be contained and I find that wildly alluring. Orange sunsets and silver sunrises. You splash across the sky and drench my life.

There would be no pink tulips, no now sleeping Leighton, no favorite mug to drink coffee from in this house that became a home without You, Jesus. The greeting card of my life sings a sweet verse about a broken woman whose heart and family is mended with threads of grace. I happily tell the world, at least my small part, how You are the glue.

Jesus, You put me back together in a most amazing way. Every time I sit down and talk with You about my thoughts, feelings and needs. Every time I just stop talking and wait on You. No pressure…no condemnation…just the best friend I could ever know.

Everything about my life so far…loss and gain, regret and repentance, confusion and hope, wanting to quit but sticking it out…continually culminates in finding You. Every turn, every slip, every step You are with me.

No doubt coffee could just be coffee. Husbands head out to work. Flowers could be expected. Babies sleep and preschoolers love a favorite show. Laundry dries and the music plays. It could all seem so ordinary.

Except it’s a gift I unwrap everyday because of You.  Jesus, the extraordinary of my most wonderful, glued in grace, ordinary life.  I love You.


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