The X-ray Contraption Seat

Jeremiah 6:16 (the message)
God’s message yet again:

“Go stand at the crossroads and look around.
Ask for directions to the old road,
The tried-and-true road. Then take it.
Discover the right road for your souls…

My Valentines Day ended with a trip to the children’s emergency department.  My four-month-old, Leighton, started wheezing from her first cold.  As a nurse and mom of another occasional wheezer, I wasted no time deciding we were making the trip. We decided it was best for my husband to stay home with our two older girls who were already snug in bed.

As I drove my baby, coughing and wheezing, I could sense God’s amazing peace.  I knew it was all good.  Jesus might as well have been buckled in the seat beside me.  Even writing about it I know how it can sound.  Amazing peace….right right right.

In time my infant daughter was placed into a seat of sorts with plastic sides that would enclose around her for a chest X-ray.  I stood in front holding her little hands up in the air to give them a clear picture of her chest.  She screamed and cried and I spoke gently to her, trying to soothe and reassure her that I was right there and she would be okay.

As I drove back home (it was O Dark Thirty), I thought more about Leighton’s X-ray experience.  We are just like Leighton in the special baby X-ray contraption seat. So often we don’t understand our circumstance and we don’t like how that feels.  It’s scary and uncomfortable and we have a fit.  But God is not participating in our fit.  Like I was with Leighton, God is completely confident of the outcome.  If we know Him and let Him, God is holding our hands and soothing us with His nearness.  He speaks gently to our hearts.  I knew the X-ray process would not hurt her.  I knew it was necessary in her life that night.  I wasn’t affected by her fear nor was I going to let her bypass the scary experience because she was upset.  In short, I was in control, not screaming baby Leighton.  And I knew best.  My heart was full of love and compassion.  And wisdom.  God-given mommy wisdom.

Discover the right route for your souls.  I love this part of the verse above!  See, being a Christian is about so much more than the sinner’s prayer.  More than church attendance.  More than good works. More than professions and confessions.  Knowing Jesus, buckled in beside us Jesus, is about discovering the right route for our souls, our lives.  The amazing peace I mentioned above.  Real.  The sweet joy of witnessing God work in our lives and on our behalf as we learn to quiet down in the X-ray contraption seat and trust.  Real.

I went home with one report from that X-ray.  The next day, because a doctor at our pediatrician’s office took the initiative and time to look back at our records, I received a call with a revised report and my daughter started the appropriate medicine.  See, my God is in control.  I am learning I don’t have to fear…He holds my hands as I make it my aim to discover Him.  Even when a trip to the emergency department gives my heart cause to flutter, I can experience a peace that supersedes my fear because I trust Him.  I’m getting to know Him.

And I smile and give praise…I don’t even begrudge the X-ray contraption seat because in the end I taste God’s provision a bit more, see His hand a bit more, learn to trust a bit more.  Exactly what I need.  I’m okay.  And my soul discovers…

He is such a good Father.


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