Killin’ Me Already!

I am driving along, on my merry way this morning.  Depositing girls at school and preschool, running in to the dollar store and heading back home to feed Leighton and then head up to the elementary school to register Leah for kindergarten next year.  I’ve done this once before.  No big deal!  But then of course this song comes on the radio.  It’s the same song Rivers’ teacher used on a DVD she made for us parents at the end of her kindergarten year.  You know what happened next.  The flood gates opened…

My sweet, brown-eyed girl will take her first flight from my little nest in just a few months.  These words echo in my heart…you don’t have them forever.  And I imagine my time with them swirling away like water down a drain.  No wonder I was crying and sobbing, right?!  As I turned off the ignition and got out of my car I murmured, Killin’ me already!

Leah, this is for you.  My greatest prayer for your life is that you know Jesus so well He affects everything about you.  Life will never be perfect and you won’t be, either.  Don’t even shoot for perfect.  Shoot for being real, being yourself and knowing the voice of your Shepherd.  Love you forever, “Little Sweetie.”  I will treasure and hold close to my heart these last weeks and days this summer before you pass through one door into another.  Leighton and I will miss you like crazy  next year…but I can already see you now, sitting with big sister Rivers in carpool line…walking to the cafeteria with your class…playing at recess…helping your teachers every chance you get.  You are such a helper!  I am so proud of you and can’t believe the time draws near so soon.

“Show the world the warmth of your smile…”

My Wish Lyrics | Rascal Flatts – YouTube


3 thoughts on “Killin’ Me Already!

  1. Yes and G is 9 months tomorrow. So it’s hitting me hard how quickly he’s growing up. I’m going to just put it on the back burner about kindergarten right now. Don’t think I can take it.


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