Pages Yet To Be Filled

I am not good with photo albums.  Not really great with even printing the pictures we take!  We have thousands of pictures on CDs and I have a drawer in my room filled with special cards, mementos from the births of my girls and tons, I mean tons, of developed pictures I have been given over the years…

A few weeks ago I read this blog post talking about how back in the day women had a specific routine for getting their domestic duties accomplished.  The post described how before electricity, women had to really plan strategically for which days to do laundry, clean or bake, etc.  Anyway, this post got me to thinking…really, I give God the thanks and credit for using this blog post to help me.  I decided to sit down and make a “schedule” for myself.  See, like the pictures, things were really piling up around me.  I have shared before on this blog I am not the Martha Stewart of domesticity!  And with having a third little girl this past October, I got more behind and even more discouraged.  Anyway, I made myself a schedule for each weekday…which room of my house and whose laundry I will tackle each day.  And it’s actually helping me!  I am not a type A person, as you might have guessed, but this is a way to help me make goals and accomplish them.  Not perfectly, mind you.  I shoot for progress, not perfection.

That being said, as today I am continuing to declutter our master bedroom I somehow find myself in the photo drawer.  Yikes!  Leah, my four-year-old, wants to help me with something (she is such a helper) so I start pulling out pictures and an empty album and tell her she can start putting photos in.  Being real, I don’t care if they are in any kind of order or sequence!  I am just feeling slightly happy they might see the light of day!  I’m taking it one step at a time here.  No awesome scrap-booking sessions anywhere in sight…smile.  (And good for you if you scrapbook!  You are my hero!)

So you know how once you open those bottomless pit drawers you will sit there much longer than you planned?  That’s me.  What started as a “here, Leah, you can do this for mom” moment turned into a few sweet smiles as I rummaged through the many, many pictures.  Remembering…such memories…wow we have all changed so much in the past few years…look at my sweet girls and their awesome girl-daddy…feeling gratitude rise up in my heart for so many family members on both sides who love our girls like crazy…all the fun times…

Point of my post today?  Get your pictures out.  Even if you are like me and they are gonna get haphazardly placed into a five dollar album, do it.  You know why?  Because just as God tells us in His Word to take the time to remember all He has done for us so we will be encouraged to keep going and hold on to our faith, pictures can do the same for our families.  I share all the time about what God has done in my marriage and my family.  I told someone just a couple of weeks ago how Jesus is the glue in my little family.  I’ll tell anyone, anytime, for the rest of my life!  As I looked through those pictures, I thought of all the good times.  I thought how when life is hard we forget about those good times.  When we are hurt, angry or discouraged we only see what is wrong.  We feel hopeless.  We might give up.

You know, all those beach trips and births…the silly days at the park and birthday parties…smiles and laughter, were happening right along side the hard times.  But we made it.  We are still making it.

I’m gonna sit my five dollar album out on the coffee table tonight.  And the next time life feels hard I’m gonna sit down and take the time to remember.  Be encouraged.  Be thankful.  And keep on keeping on for the sake of pages yet to be filled…


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