Wildly Wonderful

Psalm 104:24 (the message)
What a wildly wonderful world, God!
    You made it all, with Wisdom at your side,
    made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.

My favorite season is Autumn.  I think mostly because the weather begins to cool (well, in my part of the world the summer temps reach 100 and it’s crazy humid).  Also, I really enjoy the falling leaves and the colors and smells.  Today, however, as I sit at my kitchen table I am deeply grateful for the lush, green Springtime view into my backyard.  A couple of Dogwoods blooming and the tips of pink Azalea bushes peeking out just above our deck.  Exhale…Spring is finally here.

I find a refreshing gratitude beginning to pulse through my thoughts and emotions as I consider Creation…the beauty of all God makes and all God is.  Certainly, I don’t grasp all of who God is but I believe I get a longer, deeper glimpse just by taking the time to observe and study this “wildly wonderful” world I live in.  Perhaps this will sound rather proverbial, but have you ever considered the correlation between the natural order of the seasons and the process by which we experience death, growth and renewal in our own lives?

Winter seems so long.  It’s cold.  Cloudy often.  The trees are leaf-less and the grass is dry and brown.  Everything looks dead.  But underneath what feels uncomfortable, what looks void of hope for new life, God is preparing the earth for a burst of color!  After a few years of living we don’t really question this.  We simply believe what we don’t yet see…is.  Already is.  New life is happening even when we don’t yet see it.  Growth is happening.  Green is coming.

How about you today?  Are you in a spiritual winter?  Are you tired of the hard grounds and bitter winds of adversity?  Has your hope gotten lost in a gray sky?  Perhaps you are oh so close to giving up on the green promise of God’s wildly wonderful provision for your life…your marriage…your children…your job…your peace of mind and heart.  Maybe this season of longing or hardship seems unending.  And you know…maybe the circumstances are unchanged, but sometimes the most glorious and lasting work God does in us is right in the middle of a really long winter.  Sometimes His plan is not that our circumstance change, but that we change in the midst of our circumstance.  Understanding we are part of the dynamics in our circumstance is powerful…that when we change the dymanics change with us.  Realizing the change of seasons we are praying and waiting for may begin with a change of season in our own hearts.

See, no matter the hard Winter you awoke to today, Spring wants to burst forth in your heart.  Jesus makes all things new…including our hope, joy, peace, and purpose.  Only a matter of weeks ago my view from this chair was bleak.  Naked tree branches.  Gray skies.  Cold, wet mornings.  I thank God I have the eyes to see the beauty of a Dogwood tree in April, but even more amazing is the recognition that Spring exists in the middle of January.

Creation is the signature of our unseen God in the universe.  A hopeful, believing heart amidst the winters of life is the signature of Jesus in our lives when we trust His wisdom no matter the season.



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