Shutting Rosie Down

If you are my age, say mid thirties (ahem!), you probably watched The Jetson’s when you were a kid (our cartoons were the best.  The cartoons now can’t hold a candle).  If so, you remember Rosie the robot maid.  This past weekend I laughingly told my family I felt like Rosie their robot maid and I started speaking to them in a robot voice as I fetched and picked up, etc.

Last night as I was folding laundry and my girls were sitting on my bed talking about their day Rivers declared she would not ever get married because she didn’t want to share lip cooties.  I thought sounds fine by me (and certainly her dad!) but then she added, And I don’t want to be a Rosie!  Well, that stopped me in my tracks.  Oops.  Not the message I want to send.

For a few short minutes I explained to Rivers and Leah how their daddy and I are a team…a partnership.  He does his part and I do mine.  They know I am an RN and Rivers remembers me working at the hospital, so I explained that even though I was a nurse for years I always hoped and dreamed of being at home with my children when I had them one day.  I stressed how grateful I feel for the opportunity to do so and how I love taking care of them.  Obviously my Rosie comments and blustery complaining at times was leaving my oldest with a less than stellar impression.  After making sure I had eye contact, I told them both how we want them to find out what God has placed in their hearts for their lives and follow it…whatever it may be and wherever it takes them.  I gave them the fabulous example of how my friend Brigit has a career and important job she goes to outside of their home because that is what is in her heart.  I described how I encourage her and honor what God placed in her heart and how she does the same for me.  Rivers seemed to understand my point and believe me, I understood hers…

This morning Leah and I grabbed her bat, a pink ball and some rain boots for bases and made ourselves a diamond in the front yard.  If you know me to any degree you are probably laughing (and I hope my brothers hear about this!) because I have not one athletic bone in my body.  But!  I watched many a baseball game growing up so I certainly understand enough to give my brown-eyed girl a crash course.  I believe I even managed to teach her to stand, grip the bat and swing correctly! Smile…It was fun explaining to her the different aspects of baseball and letting her try them out.  Both my girls are signed up for their first ever season of ball coming soon.  As we made our sweaty way back inside I felt a little lighter…

As I begin to empty the dishwasher I wonder why is it we can’t steward what God gives us without feeling compelled to add more.  It’s like a soft recording echos in our minds and hearts…not enough, not enough, not enough.  We don’t feel like we are enough, our gifts are enough, our stuff is enough, our achievements are enough, our dreams are enough, our heart for God is enough.  So we add.  And add.  And add some more.  And then instead of enjoying the abundant life He has given we complain and grow weary trying to manage not just what He has given, but all we’ve added.  And we wonder why we can’t “just breathe.”  Why we don’t more often enjoy our children and spouses and lives.  Maybe because we take what God has given us in His wisdom and unknowingly tell Him this is not enough.  I am not enough so let me take on more than I should, strive to be other than what You ask of me, so I can finally be enough.  But no matter what, the lie stays a lie and continues to play.  We keep adding and the struggle continues.  And somehow the simple pleasures of raising our children slip through our too-full hands.  Too busy and trying too hard to change the channel playing in our minds, we fail to heed the whisper (or shout) of our Father reminding us we are enough because Jesus is enough.

I gotta shut Rosie down.  It’s funny until you realize that your circle-spinning and shortness-of-breath is stealing the very abundance God has already given you to enjoy.  We keep grasping thinking more brings less stress but no, more just brings…more! Hmmm…

Rainboot-bases baseball in the front yard brought me joy this morning.  It felt good and right.  A clean house (when I have one!) for my family feels good and right.  Sitting on the floor playing with Leighton feels good and right.  Walking around the block with the girls after Rivers gets home from school always feels good and right.  Time outside with hubby while he works on the treehouse feels good and right.  Dancing around the kitchen to 80s music with the girls (sometimes by myself!) always feels good and right.  I never, ever regret doing these things but I don’t do them nearly enough.  Crazy, huh?  The only thing truly not enough is just me not doing the things that matter…enough.

What if I, what if we, are missing the joy of abundance because we won’t just settle in with what God has given us?  What if we choose, in spite of that nasty echo, to do the things that somehow seem like the less pressing items on our list and discover it’s been more than enough all along?

Somehow I bet we’ll find peace of mind and more room for the memories we are meant to be making…


One thought on “Shutting Rosie Down

  1. So when are you going to write that book? ha ha. I think society today has us programmed to run too fast. To do more. Having us take on more. That what ever we have is not enough. Funny we just completed this topic in our connect group. I never remember my parents being so busy or my childhood ever being so fast paced. We seem to sometimes just exist throughout our day now instead of actually living it, enjoying the little things, the things we are supposed to have memories of like you said.


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