It’s Just the Way I’m Made

Psalm 139:14 (NIV)
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Yesterday afternoon, as I was in my room ironing clothes, Rivers and our little neighbor friend, Julia, were sitting on the living room floor with Leighton.  As I hurriedly ironed Shannon’s shirts (ball practice was upon us!), I heard Rivers say about Leighton, Isn’t she amazing!?

What milestone had sweet baby Leighton accomplished to earn such sweet praise from her biggest sister? Hmmm…sitting, I think. Or maybe smiling. Probably just being! See, there was no quick dash into my room with cries of mom, come and see what Leighton just did!! There was floor sitting and baby watching. And Rivers, being so enthralled with the smallest dorseygirl,  found her simply amazing.

Of course my heart warmed over to hear this little exchange. And then, carried along the lightest breeze in my heart, was the thought, Is that how God feels about us?

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to really sink my teeth into God being amazed by my mere existence. Yet I have this imagination that paints a picture of Heavenly Father watching us and then leaning over to an angel (with a big smile) and saying, Isn’t she amazing?! And him! Isn’t he something else?!

So often we carry the burden of our imperfections and live believing God puts up with us because yes, He loves us. We are grateful for that! But how many times have you ever dared to believe God isn’t simply putting up with you…but enjoying you?  How spectacular would it be to live life convinced we bring Him joy and pleasure?!  Okay, I know there are two obvious issues with this.  First, quite the shocker, not every thing we do and say brings God pleasure.  No doubt.  And secondly, what about pride?  I mean if I dive into these King David waters in the verse above…knowing “full well” that His work is wonderful…and I is that work!...won’t that be prideful or conceited?  I mean who goes around saying that?!

Hmmm.  Maybe there is a difference between believing I am wonderfully made and believing I am better made.  See that “ly” on the end of wonderful?  It’s describing the way the making was done.   So maybe all my wonderfulness…God shaking his head with pleasure at me…amazed like my Rivers was with Leighton’s brave existance…is all tied up in the wonder that is, well, Him.  And if I know that the unique wonder that is me is all tied up in the majestic wonder that is Him, my Maker, then there is no room for good, better and best.  I turned out wonderful and am  cherished for breathing because of the One who gives me breath.  I could not make myself.  Was not allowed input while in my mother’s womb, when cells divided and God of Heaven marked my days in His book.  He did not ask my opinion then and it seems He is not asking now.  I guess just the way I find each of my children so yummy I want to eat them up all the while keenly aware of yesterday’s disobedience or this morning’s back-talk, perhaps God (in a more God way no doubt) finds us delectable in spite of ourselves.   It doesn’t matter if we can see it or agree. We can’t change His mind no matter how much we disbelieve.

So, what if…

He happily sings along with you in the car?

Your boisterous laughter always catches His attention and He laughs, too?

He clutches His heart as you kiss your kids good-night?

He whispers “You can do this!” under His mighty breath when you’re scared and then smiles after saying, “That’s my girl! That’s my boy!”

All of Heaven gets waved over to watch you sleep?

He chuckles at your determination to win on game night?

Your willingness to say “forgive me?” fills His heart with immeasurably more joy than your sin does with anger?

What happens in us as we dip our toes into this pool of  believing God loves us and finds us wonderful?  See, conceit and arrogance are really just the fruit of insecurity. Believing Creator, your own Creator, does wonderful work leads to a life lived pointing, however imperfectly, to the splendor of its Maker.

A life lived asking, See Him? Isn’t He amazing?!


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