The Power in Pouring

Psalm 62:8 (NIV)
Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.

When I was in nursing school I discovered the Psalms in a deeper way.  I was young.  I was afraid almost every day I went to clinicals.  I wasn’t sure I could do it.  Wasn’t sure I would last.  I still have the green NIV Life Application Bible that I used in college.  So many green and pink crayon marks in that Bible…Encouragement that if I fell seven times, I would get back up because he holds me by the hand…Promises of His unfailing love and enduring compassion.  Thinking back, I believe the scariness of nursing school was when I first began learning to really, really trust God and truly put my hope in Him.  Maybe this is why I am drawn back to the life of King David every now and again.  He wrote so many of the Psalms.  I found in his honesty with God the permission I needed to do the same.  It was during this time I discovered the verse above.  A verse that became my favorite.  Matter-of-fact it’s written on the floor of our church, beneath the carpet, along with thousands of other meaningful verses written by church family.

This morning I am reminded of this verse as my heart longs to encourage those of you who may be struggling.  I pray you see what I began to discover in nursing school.  We have God’s permission, an invitation actually, to pour out our hearts to Him.  God wants us to trust Him at all times.  But He knows this can be hard, especially as we grow weary from hardship.  So, what does God want us to do?  Pour out our hearts…talk to Him about all of it.  If you aren’t sure about having a “come-to-Jesus” with Jesus, I encourage you to read the Psalms of David.  His honesty with God was not rooted in disprespect…His honesty with God was deeply rooted in an intimacy He had with Creator.  A friendship probably formed on the hillsides as a shepherd boy.  David laid everything on the table with God.  And I believe God wants the same kind of intimacy with us.  I believe it changes everything.

Maybe as you read this you are trying to put one stress-heavy foot in front of the other.  Maybe you are feeling weary.  Perhaps you feel like giving up on your circumstance.  I would love to encourage you this morning, before I start my day, to pour out your heart to God.  If you read the last four words in the verse above you’ll see the priceless benefit…God is our refuge.

When we choose to completely open our hearts to God, pour out our anxieties and frustrations, He gets the chance to speak more deeply into our lives.  He gladly takes on the heaviness we carry.  He replaces our striving with His peace.  God becomes our refuge.  He becomes our safe place.  Our healing place.  He does what only He can do….fills us with His power to persevere…gives us His perspective on our circumstances…replaces our inability with His ability.  We can be refreshed in God’s presence as we take the time to be with Him and pour out our heart.  As our hurting heart is strengthened with His perfect love, we find the grace we need to extend His love to others.

As I journey on with Jesus, I continue to experience the power in pouring.  Not every day is a struggle.  Not every season is one of learning trust and perseverance.  But every day is a day I can choose to share my heart with Him…build the bonds of intimacy that carry me through those other kinds of days.  Pouring out my heart, sharing my life with Jesus in a practical way, changes the way I see myself, the way I see others and the way I see my circumstances.  In pouring out my heart and running to Jesus, I find He is the absolute safest place.  I find the sweetest assurance for my soul.  He is with me.  He will never, ever leave me.  And although sometimes I come up against the mountain, I know the One who either moves the mountain or takes my hand and climbs with me.

Pouring out our heart simply makes the room God needs to fill us with more of Himself.  There is no script.  No right or wrong way.  There is only us and Creator, talking and listening.  Smile…perfect.



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