My Last Day

Today is my last day with Leah before she enters the big world of kindergarten.

A few smiles to share…

This morning, during on-the-way-to-school prayers, she said:  God, thank you for loving us like an elephant eating popsicles…a whole lot.  I really don’t get the comparison but she was serious.  I’m just glad she’s leaving the preschool years knowing God loves her.  A lot.

As soon as we got home from taking Rivers to school (kindergarteners start later than the rest of the students), Leah was pouncing on the Easy Bake Oven.  She found it hidden (yes, it has been tucked away!) in a closet yesterday and I promised today we could do some baking.  I’m so glad we did.  She got to make a mess and do most of it herself.  The sugar cookies, small as they were, tasted pretty good!  I’m glad that on her last day before kindergarten I gave her a yes.  Yes, we can make a mess and have fun doing it.

As I brought her new book bag and lunch tote into the kitchen in preparation for tomorrow, I saw a piece of paper I needed to sign and turn in tomorrow.  Its’ bright yellow color caught my attention…oh, yes.  School rules.  I asked Leah to come and sit with me on the couch.  We went over each of the school rules (respect yourself and others, follow directions, etc) and for each rule I gave her a “what if” scenario and asked her what she should do.  Of course she then took the bright yellow paper from me and proceeded to give me scenarios, as well.  At the end of our school rules and scenarios talk I had one more thing to say…

Leah, there is one more thing I need to tell you.  This is the most important thing of all.  When you go to kindergarten, sometimes you might miss mom.  Or you might feel nervous or scared even because you’ve never been to kindergarten before.  You know what you can always, always do?  You can stop and in your heart you can talk to God.  You can tell Him that you miss mom or you feel scared and He will always help you.  He loves you so much.

At this, my sweet girl’s brown eyes teared up and she came over for a great big  hug.  As I squeezed this child of mine and rubbed her back, my own eyes stung with tears of gratitude…Thank you, God.  Thank you for the years I’ve had with her.  Thank You for this precious daughter. 

We decided to pray.  I began thanking God that I get to be Leah’s mommy.  I thanked Him for her helpful heart and funny personality.  I thanked Him that He would be with her and protect her and help her learn a lot at school this year.  I thanked Him for the friends she would make and how she would be a blessing and show His love and kindness to others.  Next it was Leah’s turn.  She thanked God for her mommy and that even when she is away, her mommy is in her heart.  It was a sweet moment on this, my last day.

And after we said Amen, in true Leah form, she asked, When can I go to high school?

Sheesh, Leah!  Can we just start kindergarten tomorrow?!

Sweet Leah, your dad and I are so very proud of you and we know you are more than ready for kindergarten!  We are so excited that you are so excited!  We look forward to helping you grow and bloom this year.  The days won’t be quite the same just Leighton and I, but I’ll take comfort knowing what a great adventure you are having.

Love Always and Always and Always, Mom


One thought on “My Last Day

  1. You’re killing me! We’ll be praying for Leah tomorrow. I know she will do beautifully. Kate starts pre-k Monday and man it’s got me tore up about how fast it all goes. What a blessing these little girls are.


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