Safe Love

Psalm 25:15 (the message)
If I keep my eyes on God,
I won’t trip over my own feet.

I pause at this short little verse this morning with a deep understanding, roughly acquired, of what happens when we lose focus.  I appreciate how God’s Word is so alive…how a few words can encapsulate so much.

When God Himself is my destination, my very destiny, I don’t get tripped up by my own feet, as this verse says.  When my greatest pursuit is being near Jesus I am less likely to spend my time studying maps and calculating distances.  Less likely to filled with angst when I don’t recognize the scenery or know the zip code.  When the eyes of my heart are fixed on Him, every place has beauty.  Every circumstance has value.  Every challenge is merely a chance to draw more of what I need from Him.  I’m not so consumed with how long I stay in each place because truly, Jesus is my place.

How markedly different an experience when my focus shifts, when the eyes of my heart are no longer transfixed on Savior but roaming here and there.  Needing to identify and understand where and why and how long.  Desiring, more than His nearness, a sense of control.  Why do we need to feel in control?  Perhaps because of fear or insecurity.  Our deepest need to be safely loved by Jesus is instead filled by our attempts to gain and maintain safety on our own, through our own mechanics and compulsions.  Peace is lost.  Angst comes.  Before we know it we find our nose bloodied, knees scraped and the wind knocked out of us.

We cannot fix our hearts and eyes on Jesus and manage our steps simultaneously.  We just can’t.  It’s one or the other.  Either my heart longs for the peace of His presence, I can’t take my eyes from Him and so I leave behind my need for control or I try to do both and eventually trip on my own two feet.  If I am consumed with managing, understanding and manipulating then I’ve lost sight of Safe Love and I’m not really paying attention to where I’m headed at all.  Isn’t it ironic?

I guess, for me, on this beautiful October morning I consider this…either I am motived by love or fear.  When I live safely loved in the nearness of Jesus I am motivated by love.  My eyes are for love.  I’m drawn by the magnetism of His grace and this love that heals and restores me…I don’t really have any idea where He’s taking me but it doesn’t matter because Jesus is the only place I need to be.  But sometimes I live motivated by fear.  Fear that I am not safely loved and a devilish need to attain this safe love at all costs.  I live with fear and anxiety.  My life produces strife and I am no longer consumed by grace.  Another sad story of the slow fade.

Except I’m no sad story.  And neither are you.  God doesn’t write stories with sad endings.   He loves a comeback.  He loves a fighter.  He cheers us back onto our feet after we’ve tripped all over ourselves.  Jesus bandages our wounds and even takes the time to limp along beside us for a bit as we recover.  He’s everywhere I look, see.  He’s behind me in a yesterday I did not think I could endure, but did.  He’s ahead of me in the tomorrows full of all I don’t know.  And Jesus is beside me now.  Forever with me and resetting not just my heart, but my gaze.  Falling for Him all over again.  His grace, His peace, His more than enough for everything I’m not.

Jesus,  my safe love.




2 thoughts on “Safe Love

  1. As I read your blog I was so encouraged with your desire and drive to be close in the arms of our Jesus. The willingness to keep moving forward even when it seems there is no clear path to take. When life doesn’t have that road map we want you are willing to go into the arms of the only one who can keep you safe and get you to his place for your life. You are an encouragement for me but more that someone I am thankful and blessed to have in my life.


  2. So true! I am forwarding to Sandy. She is going through a divorce and needs encouragement.



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