Reduce Me

Reduce Me

Big Bird bibs and big blue eyes
Giggles and dancing
Can we play outside?
Rough and tumble; chaos abounds
Homework, field trips, dinner is ready
This is my life and these are the sounds
Jesus, reduce me to gratitude…

Stay up late, get up early
Bills to be paid, dreams deferred
What I say, What He says
So much talking
And yet what have we heard?
Running on empty
Stretched far too thin
Grace and Forgiveness
Please Lord Jesus, reduce us again…

Heart full of hopes
Soul full of dreams
All that I am and all that I seem
Nothing is hidden, I cannot deny
Cracked open, spilled out
At least I’ve quit asking why
All I knew of myself swirls
In a fine cloud of dust
Jesus, only You can reduce me to trust…

When everything I constructed
On all that I knew
Comes crashing down
Still, I find there is You

Chains slowly buckle
Under pressure so heavy
Of understanding, forecasting
Plans this side of Heaven
Redeemed and Reduced
Fragile, yet strong
I was so right, perhaps I was wrong

Today all I know is all I don’t know
But blue eyes and girl giggles
Move me along
Grace and Forgiveness
Taught chords that connect
Family intact
You’re not done with me yet

Reduce me, reduce me
Till there’s only You
Lopsided and tilted
Love comes into view
I know what I’m like
Oh the glory in my fall
Is that You take me, remake me
In spite of it all

Reduce me
Reduce me
Till there’s only You
Lopsided and tilted
Your Love comes into view


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