Lessons I’m Learning

Cultivate and prize intimacy with Jesus above all else.  Live life in a way that enables you to hear God’s voice in your life.  And when you learn to listen, be sure to keep listening.  Don’t become distracted by the voice of any other thing or person, no matter how powerful or sure that voice seems to be.

If you aren’t sure what God is saying about decisions in your life, then don’t make them yet.  Wait on Him.  Wait on His perfect peace.  No matter how hard, no matter how long.  How ever much you long for relief, if you get ahead of or outside of God’s will for your life you will not find relief but chaos.

Expect things to be hard sometimes.  Even, and especially, when you are right where God means for you to be.  The devil doesn’t like it when our lives are aligned with God’s presence and purpose.  He works overtime to create confusion and bring distraction.  We often think being in God’s will means it should be “easy.”  No, being in His will brings His power.  Much-needed for the fiery darts of the enemy!  Put on and keep on your armor.  There is a reason you need it.  Things are going to be hard sometimes but there is nothing in the world like experiencing the power of God’s grace flowing in your life.

Don’t quit.  Maybe it’s a dream God has given you.  Maybe it’s a calling you are living out as you read these words.  Maybe it’s your marriage.  Perhaps it’s finanaces or health or recovering from a broken heart.  Whatever you face, hold on to God’s promises for your life.  Don’t let go.  Don’t quit.  The truth is that often even those who love us most will encourage us to quit or give up.  (This goes back to my first lesson learned…Be sure to listen to God’s voice above all others.)  Maybe they hate seeing us struggle, maybe they are afraid we will repeat mistakes they  made, maybe they just want us to have a “do-over.”  Smile.  How about this?  Next time you start to consider quitting think of this:  Is God leading me away from this thing so He can send me someplace else or am I just running away from what is hard?  If you move, be sent.

If you are struggling, even in the middle of a great life, may I encourage you today to hold on to Jesus?  May I encourage you to read your Bible and talk to Him?  May I encourage you to listen for His voice above all others?  May I encourage you not to give up?

And if you are like me and tears of quitting stream down your face some days, may I encourage you, as well?  This is hard-learned and hard to believe when you feel unworthy, but He’s not finished with you.  Even if you quit on Him, God does not, will not, quit on you.

No matter what you face, if you are holding on for dear life or you gave up long ago, God hasn’t given up on you or His plans for your life.  He hasn’t changed His mind about you.  His love for you, His plan for you, His whisper for your heart remains the same.  We might change our mind, but it doesn’t change His.

And that changes everything.


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