The Privilege of Participating

Well, Well, Well…

Tomorrow is my Superbowl!  Election day has arrived!  Smile…I love it!  I will watch the news, staying up till the wee hours of the morning waiting for results and the magical 270 electoral votes.  Last time my friend Callie came over and we grilled steaks.  Laugh.  Yeah, we really did.

I’ve always voted in Presidential elections.  Haven’t missed one since I turned eighteen.  Over the years, however, my interest and passion for politics has grown into something that makes my friends laugh and probably annoys my husband sometimes!  Smile.  It’s not just about “my” candidate, though.  Goodness but elections are ugly sometimes!  I really love the process.  I enjoy the primary process, the debates and tracking the latest polls (see, annoying if you live with me!) I love going to vote.  I look forward to volunteering in future elections and hopefully helping at voting sites once my children are older.  This year I took Rivers with me as I went to vote early.  It was special to me…explaining to her, as simply as I could, the difference between popular vote and the electoral college.  Explaining to her how many other countries do not have elections.  Their people get no say in their leadership.  As we drove I told her a bit about Democracy.  Even now my eyes burn!  Not just because I want my candidate to win.  Because I am grateful for personal liberty.

Rivers stood over my shoulder as I filled in my circles.  I quietly and quickly explained to her what I was doing.  As we left she asked the elderly gentleman if she could have a sticker, too.  And that was it.  My vote cast in another election.

Exciting to be a part, to participate in the democratic process.  I fully believe this is the responsibility that comes for those of us blessed with personal liberty.

Whatever your political persuasion, I hope you vote tomorrow if you haven’t already!  More than who wins or loses tomorrow is the importance and privilege of participating.

We are amazingly blessed to be free.  To have a voice.


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