Keepin’ It Real (Not Sexy)

Yesterday was a heavy post.  But after writing it I had one of those afternoons that belong on the old show America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Of course I knew I would have to share it with you guys because it’s too good…plus I hope it makes you smile!

You might notice, if you subscribe, that my little picture is attached to the emails now.  In March it will be three years that I’ve been writing MixedMotives and this is the first time any picture at all is associated with my blog!  Am I so tech-unsavvy? Kinda.  But mostly I just like to pour out my heart in words and let that be that.


A guest post I submitted to (in)courage has been accepted and will be published in the future! So, with this opportunity comes the need for a gravatar picture. Now, you gotta know me. I don’t have a FB page. I don’t tweet. I would be evermore distracted if I had that stuff. That is the truth about Vanessa!

My plan yesterday was to take my own picture and upload it without any help. Let’s not make it a big deal, you know? So as Leighton takes a nap I go outside and try to get this thing done. I know if my retired neighbors see me trying over and over to take my own picture they are going to wonder what in the world I am doing. Still, I try it over and over hoping maybe I’ll get a shot that doesn’t look like I’m on drugs or just woke up. Oh cool maybe this one will work and then once I apply it to my gravatar I see I had the camera turned wrong! It’s cloudy so I try to stand in good spots on my deck. I mean I would like a decent picture but don’t want to look like I think I’m posing for a magazine! I try to just smile normally but then…

Oh. My. Lord. The “laugh lines” around my eyes are advertising all thirty-six of my years. Which doesn’t seem funny, really.

So I kept walking around trying to do this and then thought, Well, I could try to sit in the hammock! Now, ours is not tied to trees. It’s on our side porch but it’s the kind you buy in one big contraption attached and supported by metal bars. I sat back on that hammock and would you know the entire thing flipped up and over on me. Threw me out. No, you don’t understand. I don’t mean the hammock seat just turned and I fell. I mean the green metal bar thingy was touching the roof of my porch! I just busted out laughing! What else could I do?! Of course this is how this is going to go down!

You just gotta be willing to laugh at yourself. Not take yourself so seriously. There was nothing serious about me rolling out and trying to ease the thing back down onto the porch. There’s a park nearby on that side of my house…so I’m looking over to see if anyone is down there with their kids. Nope. Well, thank God for that.

Eventually, after much trying, I made Rivers help me when she got home from school. She kept saying, Oh you want to look sexy! Grrrr my little daughter! Just take a picture of me so I can move on with life! (Yes, my eight-year-old knows the word sexy. And no, I was absolutely not trying to look sexy.)

Anyhow, if you notice a little pic with this girl on the front porch steps attached to my posts, that would be me. No jewelery. Lipstick about off and oh yeah, I chose to do this on a day I hadn’t washed my hair. That’s real life, though.

And that’s what this is all about. Smile.

Plus, I think even God must have gotten a kick out of me upending the entire hammock contraption yesterday. I think He was like, Yep. That’s my girl. Keepin’ it real.


One thought on “Keepin’ It Real (Not Sexy)

  1. I think that’s a great picture! I love that Rivers! She is just like her Mom, I will remind you that you used to call it witty when it was you, what do you call it now? ☺


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