Solo, The Cat

Once, there was a cat named Solo. he got his name by singing at midnight and dawn. Also he had boots! All the cats loved him, even the people! They were so proud they awarded him with boots. now, he was from a Spanish place called de happy. because everyone is happy, the place is de happy. And solo also made it happy too. Now one day the richest owner the richest cat sent Solo a note it said: “solo, fair cat meet me at my roof, tonight. Love, Bethany cat. Now this was VERY exciting. the richest kitty asking for you on a date! Bethany cat has a silver-white fur and blue eyes. She is the prettiest kitty in town, and the richest. every kitty loved her, espaily Solo, but he keeps it a secret. So that night, Solo meet Bethany cat as she said too. She said I love you so much I want to marry you! purr! Just then Solo was so speechless he fell off the roof! Ohh! Solo! She rushed down and he said his bones were broken. No use. he said. find another kitty! and his eyes shut gracefully. She cried and purred at his funeral. people and cats came. Now it was de sad! So they barried him. A week later the smell of fish came and awakened him. he’s alive cried bethany cat. They as soon as they could got married. Oh Solo! they cried of tears oh happyness. And Solo lived his avetures far more…

the end!

read the next one “Solo the cat saves the day,” next!

**Short story by Rivers Dorsey (found slightly crumpled on her mother’s bed).


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