For Andy & Liz

Perfect Imperfection

Love came calling
And so I prepared to run
Not ready, not ready
Still so much left to learn

But the moon was full
As the tide rolled in
And the pull of her current
Finally did me in

Not ready, not ready
Skyward still I whispered
Do You hear me?
Do You see me?
I need for You to listen

I don’t know how
Don’t know if I can
Love is so demanding
And I am just a man

What if she needs more
Than all I have to give
What if time and circumstance
Make authentic love hard to live

What if we disappoint each other
Make a wrong choice
What if raging, unmet need
Speaks with the loudest voice

What if we stumble
Bloody our hands and knees
What if pain and imperfection
Become all that we can see

Head bowed low
Beneath the shimmer of the stars
I listened for an answer
From this God who seemed so far

Just when I was giving up
Compassion caught my chin
My heart heard, Listen Son
This is where it all begins

The journey winds long
Especially alone
So this woman is a gift
She’ll make your heart her home

Imperfection is no beast
No need to fear or grapple
My eyes see the entire picture
And you will always be its’ apple

Marriage is the great classroom
This is My design
For often there you find perfection
But hear this son, it’s Mine

Perfect love comes to bare
When life stretches you
From here to there
You cannot learn
What you don’t know
Without the choice
To stay or go

So today I, your Father and Friend
Make a promise and an offer
For this thing that you begin

I’ll take your imperfection
And gladly give you grace
Not a moment in this life will come
When I ever turn away

Today I see your hearts
I am smiling and at rest
For loving imperfection
Is the thing that I do best

So Love her now and tomorrow
And way on down the road
See your marriage as a catalyst
A place you both will grow


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