Lock Screen Love

Revelation 12:11a (the message)
They defeated him through the blood of the Lamb and the bold word of their witness.

What a day so far, people. What a day!

Strawberry-picking field trip in the misty rain with third grade girl. Phone call on that trip from kindergarten girl’s teacher letting me know she doesn’t feel well. All doubts erased when sickly one vomits twice (TWICE!) on the ride over to toddler girl’s babysitter. ¬†Rescheduling dentist appointments and apologizing for being unable to serve in nursery tonight.

But I can’t stop smiling.

I feel like a bride about to walk through the double doors…a bundle of nervous energy.

I feel like I might eat this entire box of Lime & Sweet Chili Jingos while I sit outside on my deck, hidden away from field trip girl, vomit girl and napping girl.

Let me share with you guys my heart, because tomorrow is kind of a big day for me. Now, if I were a more suave sort I would play it cool. But I’m not.

And I don’t really want to try.

Last night as I was cleaning up dinner dishes, I glanced over the counter and noticed my husband’s cell phone charging. And low-and-behold but what did I see on the lock screen?


Now, if you know me really well (or you’ve read this blog for any length of time) you don’t need much explanation. But if you don’t know me, or just stumbled upon this site, let me tell you why this prompts a blog post:

The lock screen is for the favorites. Know what I’m saying? The photo we put on our lock screen is of the one(s) who bring us warm and fuzzy joy.

I have not always been the bringer of warm and fuzzy joy.

Most of us with children have their little faces smiling up at us when we swipe to unlock. Cause they like us! At least when they are little. They smile for pictures because the entire universe is about them anyway, right? We feel a deep reminder of love and loyalty, fierce joy, when we see those little faces.

But to see my own smiley face on his lock screen? This made me stop what I was doing. First, I needed to see if it was a good picture. Let’s be real! But then, after I decided it was, I had to absorb the moment.

So many moments of all kinds have passed between us. Lots of them hard and almost-parting.

Jesus, my heart whispered, do You see this? He took the girls off and put me on his lock screen!

As I’m driving down a country road this morning on my way to the strawberry patch, I think a bit more about the lock screen and how amazing it is to be there. How amazing Jesus is because only He could nestle me into my man’s heart after all we’ve been through.

Then I think about tomorrow. A post I submitted last autumn is scheduled to publish. I am not cool enough to not tell you guys ahead of time. Smile. But here’s the thing…Today it’s finally hitting me like the whoosh of those wedding day double doors opening. Well, maybe tomorrow. But today I’m standing outside the doors with my Jesus, wondering how in the world I got here? This girl who kept her love for writing a well-kept secret until three years ago. This girl who is so unworthy and seriously flawed and so…ordinary.

How did I make it onto Shannon’s lock screen? And how in the world are my heart-words about to make it into the inbox of thousands of women?

As I drove and listened to Kim Walker-Smith singing “Pursuit,” the tears began to burn my eyes. I held ’em in check but a certain kind of awe filled my heart.

Only God can do these things. I don’t know why He would do them in me or for me or through me. I kind of get He loved me so much He died to have me…but then, after that, to stay involved? To make something of my messy marriage…my messy life?

Before I reached my destination Jeremy Camp began to sing the powerful words above…

We have overcome
By the blood of the Lamb
And the word of our testimony
Everyone overcomes

The hush and rush of truth. We overcome, we become, because of His blood and as we boldly share our story. This is my purpose in sharing and revealing and pontificating. Telling my story and knowing that really, it’s His story. The story of His glory, His love, His power to redeem and heal and recreate.

Now, seriously. Field trip girl is trying to steal my box of Jingos and I ain’t having it.

See you peeps tomorrow (when I will be super-cool about it).


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